Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Wish

Have you ever had days where you just want to wear black?  Yes, you know it’s not a colour that necessarily suits you and indeed it’s a colour that will be less than forgiving for anyone who suffers from scalp psoriasis. But perhaps, you’re just in a black mood and want to dress to reflect this?  Or perhaps you’re having a ‘fat day’ and think that black is the only thing that will help to slim down your silhouette?

Well, look what I found!  Lennon Courtney is an Irish brand that I’ve featured on the Wednesday Wish before.  The brainchild of Ireland’s top fashion gurus, Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, this brand claims to make clothes that flatter every woman no matter what her shape.  With this sweater, they’ve not only done that, but they’ve also managed to cater for the flaky skinned amongst us at the same time. Why thank you Lennon Courtney!

This contrast sleeve sweater is made of 100% cashmere, which really shouldn’t irritate anyone’s skin.  With a gentle flare at the end, it helps to camouflage any ‘muffin top’, whilst the fineness of the knit gives the versatility to tuck it in should you wish.  I think it’s beautiful and is a classic that would be in your wardrobe for many years.  The black sleeves should placate your Goth tendencies, and with the addition of a black statement necklace and some black skinnies, I think this would admirably fit the bill for any black days that you may crave.  Love it!
The perfect sweater, fabric and colour for anyone with psoriasis


  1. Yes I agree it's lovely and cashmere too!

  2. Love their clothes Helen....think I might treat myself soon!

  3. I have to say, I havn't heard of this label before, but I can see that it's really well thought out........Plus it's really quite glamorous too, which sometimes knitwear isn't!! I shall have to do a bit of investigating! xx

  4. Love the contrast of the grey body with black sleeves.....I think it looks quite edgy! The fact that it's cashmere just takes it to a whole 'nother level. It is gorgeous!

  5. Wow gorgeous jumper Helen, absolutely love it

  6. Cashmere - you won me over straight away. I like the contrast sleeve, add's a point of difference to the jumper. x

  7. Lovely! It would look great just as you describe! Ax

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