Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Article for the Daily Express on Cara Delevingne

The recent decision by top model Cara Delevingne to retire from her modelling career because of psoriasis, caused a frenzy of interest within the media. 

Last February she walked down the catwalk at the Milan Fashion Week, with psoriasis plaques clearly visible on her legs.  I was in awe of her courage.  For mere mortals such as myself, the idea of exposing psoriasis is not a pleasant one.  For an internationally acclaimed model, the scrutiny would have been beyond immense.  And of course, the press were all over it immediately.  What were those marks?  Was she bruised?  Had she been hurt?  Within hours she had tweeted that the answer was psoriasis. 
Photo taken from www.Today.com

Just six months later, Cara Delevingne has taken the decision to finish modelling, citing the stress of catwalk shows as being the cause of her flare-ups.  Some sections of the psoriasis community believe that she shouldn’t give in, but should continue with her career and raise awareness of this disorder.  I disagree.  She is a 21 year old girl, who before appearing at London Fashion Week, had to endure make-up artists painting over her psoriasis in order to conceal the marks.  Is it any wonder she was stressed? 

However, by the mere act of retiring from the world of modelling, she has already raised awareness for psoriasis sufferers.  Thanks to her, every national newspaper in the UK has covered the story, not just once, but in many different sections of their papers, from Lifestyle to Fashion and Beauty to Health.  The Daily Express asked me to contribute to their coverage, requesting that I offer my thoughts on living with and dressing for psoriasis.  For those who are interested, the link is here

I should warn you, there is also a short video clip of me speaking about this blog.  I hope you enjoy it … and to Cara Delevingne, I say the very best of luck in whatever you choose to do next.



  1. Great video ! Very well put across. Keep up all the good work. XXXX

  2. Fabulous piece and lovely video clip Helen:)You look and sound fantastic! Looks like you had a fab afternoon on Saturday also at the Cocoa Brown afternoon tea!
    ~Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne. And yes, the afternoon tea was lovely indeed :)

  3. Hi my dear-how lovely you got to have your article published detailing how you deal with psoriasis. I really love your blush colour top in your last post too xxx

  4. I love the video - you're a born speaker aren't you and therefore the perfect spokeswoman to spread the awareness and promote how to live stylishly.

    And yes I agree - the impact of Cara announcing her retirement has had more impact as this clearly illustrates how much this affects her.

    1. Thanks Sue .. I'm not sure that I'm a born speaker, but I certainly talk a lot :) Thanks for your kind comments

  5. Wow - well done Helen! It's really great that awareness is being raised and the problems highlighted. Agree with Sue you are a fab speaker. I really enjoyed your clip and I predict we'll be hearing / seeing more of you in the media! xx

    1. Thanks so much. Everyone is being so kind .. honestly, I'm blushing! (a rarity, trust me!)

  6. Absolutely amazing - I love it that the awareness is being raised in the media - you have been doing your bit on the side for a year now and I really hope this attention and your blog help those that suffer.


  7. Article and video so good Helen, well done! I don't suffer from the condition but you've done so much to highlight the difficulties faced by those who do, so enormous credit to you. And can I can I say on the glamour stakes, 10/10!

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