Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wednesday Wish

How much do I love this bag?  My search for the perfect nude bag continues, and yes, (details, schmetails!) I can see that this is more of a taupe/mink colour.  But it’s gorgeous.  Just divine.  How lovely would this be with my prescribed uniform of jeans, white blazer and tee in the summer?  Or with some wide leg trousers and silk shirt for work?  Sling it on with some trainers, jogging pants and a soft grey sweatshirt and bam!  You’ve instantly added some glam and pzazz.  Love it!  Want it!

Apologies for the lateness of the Wednesday Wish.  But I was truly convinced that yesterday was Friday. You can imagine my disappointment this morning …  

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ines, I think I love you!

Back in the dark ages, otherwise known as my teenage years, clothes from Gap were quite simply the ultimate in sophistication.  With no stores in Ireland, they retained a hint of the exotic - jeans that came from faraway lands!  (Actually on reflection, it was probably exactly what Pink is today to its legion of young Irish fans.) 

A million years later and most main stores now have branches in Ireland so we no longer have to gaze in envy across the Irish Sea.  There are some notable exceptions however (& Other Stories, Anthropologie and The White Company, my beady eye is on you guys) and Uniqlo is still one of these.  Most of the time, I’m not too bothered about the lack of a Uniqlo but then they go and collaborate with Ines de la Fressange and frankly, I want to weep with frustration.   Before you say it, I know, I know, I know … I can order online.  But firstly, I don’t want to order online!  I want to go into the store, touch the clothes, try them on, have a good mooch.  Secondly, I simply refuse to pay €10 to have my package shipped.  And presumably, yet another €10 to return it again should I need something changed.  Parsimonious though it may sound, it’s my personal bugbear (yet conversely I have absolutely no objection to a €5 delivery charge each week for my online grocery shop.  Go figure!)

Last season Ines (yes,we're on first name terms!) and Uniqlo did a collaboration of winter style, and my sister bought one jacket which she absolutely loves.  Great fit, great quality and great price.  You can’t ask for much more.  So with that in mind, I thought I’d share my top picks for this season’s collaboration.  There is so much here that works perfectly for anyone with psoriasis – or indeed anyone who suffers from similar skin conditions.  It’s like she read my mind (drifts off to alternate universe where Ines de la Fressange is actually aware of my existence!)

Firstly a look at the lady herself.  She just exudes effortless style … this is what we’re aiming for … so let’s go!

First up is this fabulous jacket, the Ines Slabyarn Coverall.  Ideal for the warmer months and would look as gorgeous with jeans and a tee as it would with some wide legged trousers and a silk blouse for work.

A variation on the theme is this Ines Heavy Linen jacket which has a little more detail.  I actually think I prefer this one … I’ve always liked a more structured jacket and can never resist the safari look.  Again it would work equally well in either a casual or formal setting.  Love!

I laughed when I saw this.  Can you see why I think she read my mind?  This is my perfect little jacket, the Ines Milano Rib long sleeve jacket – ideal for all occasions, covers skin, summery vibe, conceals scalp flakes, and just looks good!

But it’s not all about the jacket.  I also loved this  Ines cotton cashmere crew neck.  I realise it has short sleeves, but I have a collection of sleeveless and short sleeve tops which, when my skin was bad on my arms, were still always worn under jackets (never by themselves).  This struck me as a great little top to have on standby, especially now when the weather is cold.  It is smart, it’s cosy, it's a change from the usual blouse, and indeed could look very smart worn over a fitted white shirt. 

But enough of the short sleeves, this Ines cotton cashmere V neck sweater would be a great purchase for the summer months.  Let’s be honest – summer is rarely the weeks of scorching sun that we wish for!  At best, the temperatures go into the teens and we manage to BBQ without being hit by a force 10 gale.  Jumpers are still very much part of our wardrobes, especially in the evenings, and just think how cute this would look with some denims and a pair of white Converse.

And finally, whilst sweatshirts are still having their moment, you could do worse than include this Ines long sleeve printed sweat pullover in your shopping basket.  Grey, soft, casual and stylish – gets my vote.

So there you have it.  My round up of things that I would definitely want to try on should I have access to a Uniqlo … although the thought is now occurring to me, that maybe I could send my sister shopping on my behalf and I could do some virtual shopping via whatsapp! I wonder if she’s reading this …

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wednesday Wish

Kickstarting the new year with a Wednesday Wish that is an unusual one for me – a brogue.   It’s not that I’ve anything against brogues, in fact I quite like them on other people.  No, my issue is with the flatness.  When one can only aspire to the willowy height of 5ft 5”, one tends to appreciate all the help that one can get in the shape of a heel.  So brogues never really did it for me … made me feel small and dumpy.

However, hallelujah for the fashion gods who have clearly heard the impassioned pleas of us little ones who’d like some comfort and height in one – all hail the flatform!  Suddenly my interest is piqued and where better to start than with these Loeffler Randall silver mirrored leathershoes.  Comfort and style.  How fabulous would these look beneath a pair of wide leg black trousers or some white linen palazzo pants?  Nothing dumpy about these m’dear!