Monday, 27 July 2015

A Final Sweep

Well, it’s all been a bit of a wash out, hasn’t it?  High hopes of sunny days and bbqs have been replaced with grumbles about Hunter wellies and rain macs.  To be fair, I do live in Ireland which has never been renowned for its good weather but the last few weeks have been extraordinarily miserable.  So, to cheer myself up, I decided to do a last quick sweep of the sales stock online to see if there are any bargains still left that would carry us, not just to, but right through the autumn/winter months ahead.  In fact, if current weather is anything to go by, most of these can be worn right now.  Summer my ass!

Starting with these Ash Gang suede heeled boots now down from €230.55 to a bargainous €92.80.  I swear my heart quickened when I saw these and my finger was poised to press buy, but Murphy’s Law, they are not available in my size. *utters foul swear words* So for those of you who are a 5 or 6, please purchase on my behalf.  Just too good a deal to be left behind.  Super little boots which would work equally well with jeans as with dress and opaques.

And if you’re looking for a dress to go with them, this little Diane Von Furstenberg number would be just ideal.   The Taffy shirtdress is reduced from €378 to €189 and would be such a great addition to any wardrobe.  How perfect is the colour and honestly, you couldn’t ask for better coverage!  Gorgeous with over the knee boots for a casual weekend lunch; perfect with opaques and ballet flats in the office or you could bling it up with heels and a brightly coloured clutch for the evening.  Ideal little wardrobe workhorse!

perfect dress with opaque tights for anyone with psoriasis

Two years ago I scored a serious bargain with a Helene Berman coat in the Asos Christmas sales (see here – I now have plans to purchase a shearling snood to wear with it, but that’s a blog for another day!)   These coats are so beautifully made and gorgeous quality, so it seems right that I should tell you about this bargain, the Colour Block Collar Revere Coat, reduced from €267.11 to just €65.07.  Throw on over jeans and a white shirt, or add a huge cream scarf for those colder wintry days.  Love this!

Clearly it wouldn’t be a blog from me if I didn’t include a scarf and sales times are the best time to invest a little extra so that you can bag yourself some real quality that will stand the test of time.  This DVF 100% cashmere scarf is currently reduced by 50% to €151.52 and with shades of blue, black and white would work really well with a winter palette.

ideal for concealing psoriasis flakes

But now my favourite, this Elizabeth & James Cynnie bucket bag in navy leather,reduced from €530 to €318.  No words are needed for this … it’s quite simply divine!  (Must not buy.  Do not need.  *sits on hands and types with nose*)

And finally, you didn't think I'd forgotten, did you?  Of course not!  A wardrobe essential for anyone with psoriasis.  The Selena Crepe blazer from Iris & Ink is the perfect white blazer for day and night.  (I have mentioned how much I Iike a good white blazer, haven't I?!)  Reduced from €203.12 to €97.50
perfect jacket for anyone with psoriasis

I’ll be back later in the week to show some of the bargains that I picked up over the past few weeks.  To be honest, the weather has been so shocking, that I haven’t really been in the humour to model white jeans or tee shirts … but I promise to put on my happy face and do so this week – even if is biblical outdoors.  Pah!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday Wish

Today’s wish is a genuine one.  This is not some flight of fancy that would be dependent on a lottery win.  This wish represents months of online stalking!  And just to be clear, whilst at first glance the price does not seem exorbitant, you must take into account the exchange rate with the dollar, the additional sales taxes, the customs duties and the delivery from the US.   That adds a considerable amount to the final total.  Believe me; I’ve checked!

But oh!  Such things of beauty.  I saw these in March worn by a gorgeous Boston lady and was instantly smitten.  (In fairness her sallow skin courtesy of her Greek heritage probably helped!) These are truly beautiful sandals.  Not too high so apparently very comfortable; lots of leather detail which not only looks great, but also ensure plenty of coverage; perfect shade of tan (who doesn’t love a tan sandal in summer?) and also available in black for those of you who prefer a darker shade. 

I adore these!  I plan to continue stalking!  They will be mine … they will ...   (I may have already included these in a previous blog about sandals ... I don't care!  They deserve their own post!)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Three Years On ...

This day three years ago, I hit ‘publish’ on my very first post as The Flaky Fashionista.  I remember sitting back and wondering would anyone read it, but my motivation was genuine.  I was filled with a zeal to make a difference.  I had read heart-breaking stories of women whose lives had been so destroyed by psoriasis, that they no longer had the confidence to go outside their own front doors and live their lives to the full.  They had been diminished by how they looked, and indeed in many cases, by the cruel and insensitive comments that had been made to them by others.  Having lived with psoriasis for almost 14 years at that stage, I reckoned that if  I could just show these ladies how to dress cleverly around their disease, that perhaps I could encourage even one of them to take back control of their lives (and shopping rails!) again.


The message was a simple one … ‘You too can look fabulous on even your flakiest days’.  And so the blog continued.  And to my amazement and delight, people began to read it; not just any people!  But fellow psoriasis sufferers.  But what was really interesting is that the blog I started with the aim of helping other patients, actually ended up helping me too!

Because of this blog, I began to attend events; meet other doctors, nurses, researchers and patients.  I learned more about this disease that we share.  I began to realise that like so many of us, I had been settling for second best.  I had been under the misapprehension that as this was a disease that cannot be cured, therefore there was really very little that doctors could do.  But as I learned more, I realised that this was not the case.  I changed dermatologist; I started on the road of medications and biologics; and today, I am close to 90% clear.  (Obviously I shall continue to complain, moan & whinge until I get 100% clearance – those hot pants are in my sights!)

But my point is … and to quote Ellen DeGeneres, I do have one! …. three years ago, my blog was full of optimism and hope, based entirely on the fact that I refused to let psoriasis define me.  I refused to accept that it couldn’t be cured one day.  Really, after 14 years of psoriasis, my attitude was a true example of hope triumphing over experience.  Today however, that hope is based on reality and my blog message has evolved through the years. 

What I want you all to hear and the news that I shall continue to drum home is that psoriasis is no longer the life sentence it once was.  There is every reason to be filled with hope and optimism.  There is so much research being done and so many new drugs being tested even as I write.  Already we have a new drug on the market that has achieved 100% clearance in clinical trials – something that three years ago, was only a dream.  There are other drugs coming down the line with similar and even longer lasting results.  There are new creams, in different forms to make your life easier.  Truly, it is a time for celebration.

So today on Flaky’s third birthday, I would ask you all to stop settling for second best.  Do your research!  The information is online for anyone and everyone to see.  Find out what has been happening; arm yourself with knowledge; and go demand better from your GP and dermatologist.  As that well known ad says, ‘you’re worth it’

And on that note … I’m off to have some birthday bubbles!  Cheers!


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wednesday Wish

I am now the proud owner of a new fancy, schmancy laptop which sadly has used up my clothing budget for the next six months!  It is however, a thing of immense gorgeousness and all I need now is for the Teen in the house to show me how it works, as allegedly it can do pretty much everything bar make my morning coffee. *cue pitying looks in my direction from said Teen*
So let's pretend that my piggy bank is not now empty, and join me in the fantasy where I have to pick a smart tote in which to carry said new laptop around.  It is less than 12" wide, so I don't need to lug a huge briefcase style bag.  Oh no, instead I think I would be veering towards this very classy, very beautiful Givenchy Antigona Medium Studded Tote.  Just ideal for carrying my new (horribly expensive) new gadget along with the usual essentials of wallet, keys, lip balm, phone, chewing gum and kitchen sink. One can dream ...