Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday Wish

I have well and truly thrown caution to the wind for this week’s Wednesday Wish.  Leopard print seemed to feature on a lot of blogs this week and as this is one pattern I can never resist, I thought I’d have a little look at the higher end of the market and see what is available.

Would you be brave enough to wear this leopard print faux fur coat from Armani Jeans?  Combining this season’s fur trend with every fashionistas favourite print, I think it’s safe to say that you’d turn heads in this.  Would I wear it?  Actually, I probably would.  It would be warm, cosy and stylish and I’d get a real kick from the varying reactions – which no doubt would range from horror to delight.  And let's face it, it would be difficult to find a better distraction from your psoriasis.  Love or loathe?  I love! 

PS:  I will be hosting a Twitter Q&A session at lunchtime this Friday (19th Sep) answering all your questions on psoriasis related fashion dilemmas.  If you have a question you’d like answered, please send your query to @DailyPsoriasis    Or just come along and join in the fun!


Monday, 15 September 2014

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back ...

Ah yes!  It’s the old Catch 22 situation I’m afraid.  I start taking biologics to clear my skin … but they work by suppressing my immune system ... so then I catch a throat infection … (for the second time in five weeks – arrgh) … which causes my skin to flare up … and yadda, yadda, yadda, off we go again! 

But hey!  Nobody said it would be easy and I guess it’s just a process that I have to go through.  Those hot pants won’t be coming out just yet.  On a positive note however, it is the perfect excuse to stuff my face with Haagen Dazs ice-cream (purely medicinal, of course) and I've also had lots of time to browse the Autumn Winter offerings from the High Street.  So today I’m sharing with you some of the finds from two of my favourite stores that I think are worthwhile investments.

Let’s start at the top end of the budget, and if you are a lot taller than me, with a more substantial bank balance, this cape coat with belt from Massimo Dutti is simply gorgeous.   A rather eye-watering €350, but then a winter coat is something that is worth investing in and would be in your wardrobe for years.

This however, the structured coat, is the one that caused some serious drooling and I will definitely be watching out for it in the January sales.  I just love everything about it and if you do have scalp psoriasis the colour couldn’t be more perfect.  At €195 it’s not cheap either, but quite honestly, I think it would be worth it *checks hopefully down back of sofa for spare cash*
perfect stylish coat for anyone with scalp psoriasis
gorgeous coat ideal for someone with psoriasis

Staying with Massimo Dutti, I was browsing through jackets when I came upon this trouser suit.  These were my favourite things to wear back in my office days, and this Prince of Wales check suit is very cool.  This could easily be worn separately – jeans with the jacket or a chunky knit with the check trousers – so you would definitely be quids in on the price per wear.  Jacket is €165 and trousers are €79.95, but in such a classic pattern that I think you would have these for quite some time.
great work suit for anyone who has psoriasis

I then moved along to have a browse through Cos.  I never fail to be fascinated by just how awful their website is.  If I didn’t know their clothes and wasn’t familiar with the cut and style, I’m not sure I would stay more than a minute or two looking at their stock online.  I’m not sure they could make it more unappealing if they tried.  But anyhow … I struggled on!!

Love this!  This silky front top (€59) is the perfect alternative to a short sleeve tee shirt and would look equally good paired with coated skinnies as it would under a suit for work.  Just loving the long sleeves and it’s also available in a range of colours.
Perfect top for anyone with psoriasis on scalp or arms

The side pocket wool jumper (€69) I have seen in real life, although I saw it in black rather than this rather glorious rose shade.  It is merino wool, but was so smooth I’m almost tempted to stick my neck out and say I can’t see it irritating anyone’s skin.  But don’t hold me to that!  It is always best to check for yourself where knitwear is concerned.

For some really gorgeous leisure wear, how about this tie-waist white sweatshirt (€45) and cashmere wool joggers (€69) ? I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why these appeal so much – although again, I would caution that the joggers would need to be tried on.  To my mind, cashmere lounge wear is just gloriously decadent and these are a really good price for something so luxurious.
ideal leisurewear for anyone suffering from psoriasis

 Finally, I’m taking a little trek outside my usual comfort zone.  However, as someone who rarely wears dresses, I was drawn to this knitted jacquard dress (€89).  I think it would look great with opaques and shoe boots (the styling in the picture is beyond vile) and I’d imagine it would be a very easy and comfortable dress to wear.  Perhaps not the best shape for the bustier ladies, but for those of us who are less well endowed, this could be a very smart possibility.
Great dress paired with opaques for someone with psoriasis

And that was the cream of the crop in my sore-throated opinion.  What do you think?  Anything there that appeals?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday Wish

It’s been a while since I featured a bag on the Wednesday Wish.  Which I hope you realise, is actually very restrained of me, as I could happily feature a bag every week.  Bags always fit; you can wear them no matter what state your skin is in;  they give an extra lift to any outfit – let’s face it, what’s not to love?

And this is one I am seriously coveting.  Love her or loathe her, Mrs Beckham consistently gets it right and this bag is a little beauty.  Advertised as a cross body bag, it also doubles up as a clutch, so in reality you’re getting the bargain of two bags for the price of one.  (And again, this type of logic is why I will never be an accountant)



Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Dearth of White Blazers

People!  I’m on a search for a white blazer, so you’ll have to bear with me as I bore you with the details.  So far, it’s not looking good.  I have an idea in my head of what I want … clearly I’m a forward thinker as it seems no designer has created it yet.  Add to that the penchant for bright colours this season and suddenly a white blazer is about as common as snow in L.A.  Help!

I’m pretty much ignoring the fact that I already have two in my wardrobe.  Instead I’ve decided to adopt the Olivia Pope approach to life where one can never have too many white jackets/coats/blazers.  My Zara one still has plenty of life left (I will reluctantly grant you that Zara do good jackets) but the Mango one is proof that really, it’s a false economy to buy cheaply.  So onwards I go.  And so far, Mango is as far as I’ve got.  White jackets aplenty, but shouldn’t I learn from my past mistake?  As lovely as they may be, it’s all kind of pointless if they look like a rag after the first dry clean.  But let’s just take a little look!

The linen blend blazer now reduced to €49.99 – but a linen blend would look a bit daft in the autumn/winter months.  I’m going for a winter white look – linen just screams summer!

white blazers are great for people with psoriasis

And as much as I like this padded shoulder jacket (well hello 1987!), I’m really looking for more of a blazer shape.  In truth I’d prefer something that is a bit longer on the body.

ideal jacket for someone with scalp psoriasis

I thought I might have struck gold in Zara with this boucle jacket with zips

Good winter white jacket for anyone with psoriasis

So I hurried along to try it on but it was a bit ‘meh’ and not terribly comfortable

And then I remembered that this … ahem! … Zara boucle jacket with zips from two years ago is actually still hanging in my wardrobe!

And that’s it!  Honestly!  I’ve tried House of Fraser, Massimo Dutti, Mint Velvet – you name it, I’ve scoured them all.  I almost headed off-piste for a gorgeous navy pinstripe blazer in Esprit, but managed not to get distracted and to date I’m holding firm to my desire for white.

So why do I want one?  Well I have a few events coming up which require me to talk about living with psoriasis and as with most things in life, I always feel much better if I’m suitably dressed for the occasion.  And I do love a white jacket.  Despite being ridiculously fair skinned, white jackets suit me and I also love the fact that they’re a little unexpected at this time of year (clearly, as I can’t seem to find any!)  Not to mention that as someone who keeps saying ‘black is not your friend’, I really should practice what I preach!

So, there’s my dilemma. Have you seen any on your travels?  If so, please point me in the right direction.  In the meantime I think my next port of call will be Kildare Village (Bicester’s Irish cousin).  I’ll keep you posted.

Finally, if you or anyone you know suffers from scalp psoriasis, perhaps you could take a few seconds to fill out this questionnaire (and I promise I do mean seconds)  It is to help with research into finding a solution to this particular aspect of psoriasis.  Thank you