Monday, 6 July 2015

Dressing Up with a Jumpsuit

I have decided that it is time to tackle the thorny issue of dressing up.  No!  I’m not talking Hallowe’en, but rather those events that require just a little more effort and a bit more pzazz!  With so many of us unable to ‘get our legs out’ due to unsightly plaques, sometimes it can be difficult to successfully put together a full glamourous outfit during the summer months.  However, as I trawled through various sites looking at maxi dresses and jumpsuits, I soon lost myself in Asos – and here’s why.

When the jumpsuit craze first hit the fashion world, I was genuinely delighted.  At last a fashion craze that covered all and that we could embrace with glee!   But disappointment soon followed when it became clear that the majority of jumpsuits seem to be either black or sleeveless or both.  Not quite the cover-up I had envisioned!  But as the popularity of jumpsuits shows no signs of waning, you can imagine my joy when I realised how the range has expanded to now include different colourways and sleeve lengths.

These are real value for money items.  Ideal with trainers, flip flops or gladiator sandals for the school run, but so easy to dress up with the addition of heels and some suitable bling.   And whilst some might question the inconvenience when it comes to the bathroom, I think that is far outweighed by the sheer comfort and lack of effort in just pulling on one piece of clothing and knowing that you’re dressed and ready to go!

I am loving all things khaki at the moment and so I’m hugely tempted by this Asos Jumpsuit with Tie Waist and Long Sleeves, €47.94.   I’m not entirely sure that this is what I would class as a long sleeve, but if the skin on your lower arms is relatively clear, then I think this could be a winner

If you have embraced the ‘70s trend that is so strong this summer, then you will probably love this Asos ‘70s Button Through Jumpsuit, €61.64,  complete with the flared leg.  Not the most forgiving of styles (difficult to conceal a muffin top in this!) but has the potential to be very cool indeed.  Also available in red, if black is too dark a shade.  A possible party wear contender for the latter end of the year? (I refuse to use the C word in July)


Much more forgiving is this Pepe Jeans Wrap Front Jumpsuit also from Asos, €136.98.  This is a more relaxed fit, and actually I think this would be immensely comfortable to wear on days when your skin is that bit more irritated than usual.

For a stylish look that would work right into A/W, there is the Warehouse Utility Wrap Front Jumpsuit from Asos, €47.26.  To be honest, I prefer a block colour.  This just looks too like a top and trousers to me.

I know without even trying on, that I would look like I was rocking up to service your gas boiler if I were to wear this.  But for those of you who are younger, slimmer, trendier and edgier, this Asos Denim Jumpsuit with Tie Waist, €68.49 is certainly a look that ticks many a stylish box. 

For a really dressy edge, how about Jack Wills jumpsuit from Asos, €54.11, in a silkier fabric?  Absolutely ideal for a wedding or christening and also half price right now in the sale.  A light white and blue silky scarf will eliminate any possible flaking issues, whilst the addition of heels and a clutch would make this the perfect outfit for any dressy occasion. Extra points for annoying the teen in your house by wearing a Jack Wills outfit (or is that just me?!) 

If you are the width of a stick insect with zero body fat and a figure that you wish to flaunt, then hello! The Asos Wrap Front Jumpsuit with Long Sleeves €38.35 is calling your name.  Don’t think I’ll be ordering this one!

If these are all a bit too plain, then how about this for a blast of pattern?  The Mango Mono Floral Printed Jumpsuit fromAsos, €56.85  will certainly ensure that you are seen.  Possibly better on those who are taller, although you'll never know if you don't try!

And finally, my favourite.  I’d need to do a lot less eating and a lot more exercising before I could contemplate fitting into something like this, but oh <sigh> it’s so, so lovely.  The BA&SH Dries Jumpsuit with Shirt Detailing.  (Somewhat more expensive too .. shhh! ... €315.05 eeeek!)  But imagine this with a tan, some layered gold or silver chains, a large cuff and a metallic clutch ...

So what do you think?  Do you think a jumpsuit could be the answer to your styling worries this summer?  The great thing about most of these is that they will work well into Autumn and indeed Winter as well.  Defintely value for money at the moment as so many have been greatly reduced in the sales.

See you on Wednesday for the usual wish!  Until then, have a good week.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Very Nifty Arm Cover

Greater love hath no blogger for her readers than she post up pictures of herself with little more than a light layer of CC cream on her face.  (La Roche Posay Rosaliac if you must know … wonderful stuff!  If you think I look bad here, you should see me without it)  But I digress!   On the upside, my hair looks good, as I had just emerged from the hairdressers. 

So, while I was waiting for the bank to open, I decided to take a little foray into Dunnes Stores, as during the week I had spied these beauties; the arm cover-up.   First we had Mary Portas Armery, then Canopi launched their version, but now Dunnes Stores have joined the party and for the far more reasonable price of €15.  Apparently these cover ups are designed for the ‘more mature’ woman who doesn’t like to show her upper arms.  Luckily for us psoriasis sufferers, they also do quite a nifty job at concealing psoriasis and so open up the wonderful world of sleeveless tops.

So, how do they work?  Well, you wear the top over your bra and under your top, as demonstrated below.  (Seriously?  You didn’t think I was going to model this, did you?!)


In the interests of research, I grabbed a sleeveless top from the rail and armed with one navy and one white cover up, I headed for the fitting rooms.  So how did I fare? 

The answer is, I was pleasantly surprised.  I own a set of the Mary Portas Armery, but I rarely use them as I find them too hot to wear.  I have tried on the Canopi on a number of occasions (which are almost identical in design to these) but have always found them an extremely uncomfortable fit and so never purchased.  But, at risk of sounding like Goldilocks, these were really just right! 

The fastening is very secure, and they are so lightweight that you really don’t feel you are wearing anything extra.  I tried on the white version first.  There was only a Small size available in this, so the fit wasn’t ideal (I’m broad of back you know!) but I wanted to test how well it would conceal.

And sadly, the answer is, it didn’t!  Every freckle and mark was completely visible, so psoriasis plaques would definitely be a step too far for the white cover-up.  But don’t be disheartened!  The navy one worked far, far better.


Right now thanks to the wonder of drugs, my arms are almost completely clear.  But my elbows are not entirely free of psoriasis, yet you can’t tell this from the picture.  Obviously there will be a conundrum if you also have scalp psoriasis and are trying to avoid dark colours on top, but this is where patterns will work beautifully.  Sleeveless tops that include some navy in the colour palette would be ideal.  

My verdict is that you should definitely give them a try!  They are an alternative to the shrug or little jacket, and would be a great accessory for maxi dresses and vest tops.  The range also includes black, both in a plain and lacy effect.  To be honest, for €15, you can’t really go wrong.   So hats off to Dunnes Stores … they’ve just helped us expand our wardrobe options without breaking the bank.  
I'll be back on Wednesday but in the meantime enjoy the predicted heatwave!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wednesday Wish

When I was younger, back in the age of the dinosaurs, I thought that mixing metals was akin to a mortal sin.   The idea of wearing a piece of gold jewellery with a piece of silver was a fashion crime too far.  But then I became the proud owner of a Tiffany Atlas ring – a double silver band with a stonking lump of gold on top (a limited edition design almost twenty years ago so not online) and there began my love affair of mixing up my jewellery!  (For those who don’t already do so, I suggest you give it a try!  It’s hugely liberating and massively increases your jewellery choices!)

So in honour of that mind changing piece of jewellery, I have returned to the Tiffany Atlas range and chosen this rather beautiful wide cuff in sterling silver.  A thing of beauty that would elevate any ordinary outfit to something rather special.  Wear with jeans and a white shirt; chinos and a Breton top; a plain coloured maxi dress.  This cuff would work with everything and, like my ring, could easily become your signature piece.  Now, doesn’t that thought ease the price tag somewhat?!


Monday, 22 June 2015

Savvy Sales Shopping

I would like to start this post by congratulating myself for not including a single white jacket on the sales picks that I’ve pulled together.  Well go me!  (*whispers* “Zara!  There are nice ones in Zara”) Instead, I focused on other items that I feel will be hard workers in your wardrobe.  Items that are not just restricted to the summer months (ha bloody ha!  What summer?) but will be really useful when the colder (killing myself here!) weather rolls in. 

So, let us all pretend that we’re basking in balmy temperatures and are struggling to remember what the cooler weather is like. (You think I’m joking?  I’m wearing a cashmere cardigan as I write this.  It’s JUNE!)  For me the sales are not about scoring bargains from the rails of tat that are reduced from a tenner to a fiver.  For me, they are a time for thinking about gaps in your wardrobe, and hopefully filling them with quality items at bargain prices. 

Starting with Zara and I accept that for many putting the words ‘quality’ and ‘Zara’ in the same sentence is the perfect oxymoron.  But I still maintain that whilst many of the tops and knitwear are not worthy of the price tag, it’s still hard to beat Zara for value when it comes to coats and jackets.  And this lemon one is the perfect statement coat.  A friend of mine bought this recently for her son’s Confirmation and I honestly thought it was a designer piece.  Reduced  from €89.95 to €69.99, this is the Bell Sleeve coat.

With dark coats off our radar, the ideal classic colour is camel.  This is possibly more of a blush shade, but still so ideal for anyone with psoriasis.  And now is a perfect time to stock up on winter staples!  Reduced from €99.95 to €69.99, the Contrast Zip Crossover Coat

Still on the hunt for some quality bargains, these Salsa Secret Skinny jeans are beloved by another pal of mine for holding everything in place and giving such a nice shape.  It’s rare to find these in the sale and this biscuit colour is a great shade for spring and summer.  Gorgeous paired with a crisp white shirt, a navy Breton or a khaki cotton sweater.  Reduced from €100 to €50.

An entirely different style are these Cuffed Hem Trousers from Cos.  I tried these on in black and can confirm that they are gloriously loose and light and gentle on your skin.  Excellent if psoriasis is playing up on your legs.  Sadly however, you also need to be of the slender variety (*scowls in direction of muffin top*) as the waist is also gathered and really only works on those who are not trying to conceal a multitude of sins!  Reduced from €79 to €55.

I did a mammoth trying-on session in Cos last week, none of which will make it onto this blog – not one of my finer fashion moments.  Dear.  God.  However, I did spy this Patch Pocket Jumper as I left, but was just too tired, hot and demoralised at that stage to try anything else on.  I might have to go back though.  Think how cute this could be in July October with denims for a weekend casual look?  Was €59 and now €41.

Obviously no round up is complete without a quick dash into my beloved Massimo Dutti.   I love this Cardigan with Leather Buckle.  It would be perfect for right now, when let us not kid ourselves, an extra layer is needed.  I love how this is styled over the white vest top and it achieves that wonderful impression of being a really summery look, without actually revealing too much skin. Was €49.95, now €29.95.

And finally a wardrobe staple for anyone with psoriasis.  One of my top tips is the fact that plain chiffon will not conceal psoriasis plaques on your skin.  Chiffon that has a pattern however will usually do a very passable job.  This type of Floral Print Shirt is great for when the weather is genuinely warm, as it gives the airiness of a vest top with the coverage of a shirt. Was €69.95 and now €39.95.

So tell me!  Have you bought anything yet?  Any investments I should know about?  I have purchased.  A dress!  Well, I know!  I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress.  Of course now I need shoe boots and tights to go with it, but bear with me … all will be revealed in time. Excited!