Thursday, 21 May 2015

Discount Weekend at Marks & Spencer

Let me start by saying that I have no affiliation to Marks & Spencer, nor is this a sponsored post.  However, being a creature of habit, I always park in the same place whenever I visit the Mothership (aka Dundrum Town Centre) and so I regularly run through M&S to gain access to the main shopping mall.  Recently, I’ve been stopped in my tracks by quite a few numbers, so given that there is a 20% discount (code MAY15EM) across the store from today until May 25th, I thought I’d share some with you.

Peering outside at the threatening dark clouds, I feel perfectly justified in starting with boots.  I mentioned these before on the blog as I bought a navy pair last March.  The suede elasticated panel ankle boots with Insolia (which apparently is M&S code for especially comfortable in some magical way)  Anyhow, they have proved to be such a wardrobe staple and such a comfortable little boot to wear, that I bought the grey ones last weekend.  These will look equally good with either black, blue or white jeans and unless the weather improves dramatically, I reckon I’ll get a lot of wear out of these over the summer.  Full foot coverage, and for the more vertically challenged amongst us, a nice little heel to avoid that really flat look.  €82 before discount.

Now this Limited Edition peasant blouse genuinely did cause me to pause only yesterday.  It’s really pretty in reality, with a lovely fabric that isn’t see through.  Well, be still my beating heart!  The joy of wearing a cream/white top that doesn’t require a vest top underneath.  €44 before discount.

Whilst having a browse on the website this morning, I was also rather taken by this snakeskin print drape blouse – a shape that I tend to favour.  This would be very cute with white jeans or palazzos, strappy heels and a clutch.  €40 before discount.

With all things floral being the rage right now, it seemed only right to include this Ditsy floral shirt as well. Very cute and casual. €35 before discount.

I love this little zipped pockets bomber jacket and think it would look really good over a vest top or tee.  A stylish way to cover up and I think it’s versatile enough to wear as either a top or a jacket.  €70 before discount.

I even took a look at the range of dresses available.  I frequently recommend maxi dresses as an option during summer months, but it’s often difficult to find one that doesn’t have a slit up to the thigh – which pretty much defeats the purpose!  However, this scoop neck maxi dress seems to fit the bill and is an absolute steal.  At €27 before discount, this would be great dressed up with heels and a blazer, bomber jacket or small cardigan for a night out, but would be just as perfect as a beach cover.  Also available in black.

Thinking ahead to Autumn, I really love this Ditsy Spotted shift dress and reckon it would be perfect with some black opaques and shoe boots.  And look!  This fabric is made for people with a tendency to flake!  However, don’t forget that dance tights in a nude shade can also give amazing coverage if you need a dress like this to work for you in the summer.  €77 before discount.

And finally back to shoes! Always such a tricky one at this time of year, especially if psoriasis on feet is an issue.  However, I’ve picked a few pairs that may work, and with a 20% discount right now, it might be worth giving them a try.

First up, the ever popular espadrille.  Currently on sale so really a bargain price at the moment.  €9.50 - €27  Also has the infamous Insolia - I'm all about the comfort!

With the love of all things ‘70s so rife right now, the mule sandal is having a return to its heyday.  Navy is a notoriously difficult colour to find in shoes, so grab these will you can.  Great coverage!  Suede block heel mule sandal with Insolia.  €70 before discount

And a real nod to the ‘70s with these crossover slingback platoform tan sandals (with Insolia!).  The straps are pretty wide so I do think that these would cover a lot of the foot and although the heel is high, the platform at the front makes it so much more comfortable. €49 before discount.

And that’s my lot for today!  Hopefully there’s something there to inspire you - are you impressed by how much colour I managed to include as opposed to my usual palette of neutrals?  Enjoy the weekend, and to my UK and US readers, enjoy your Memorial Day/Bank Holiday Monday!



Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday Wish

So!  I’ve been thinking that it’s really time I did a post on trousers.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever done one before, so I guess three years down the line, it might not be a bad idea to start!  And to whet your appetites, today’s Wednesday Wish is  marble print silk trousers by MCQ Alexander McQueen. 

I won’t lie to you!  I’m not too thrilled with the styling here, as in vogue as it may be.  But for someone with psoriasis, these trousers could be a godsend.  Pair with flat loafers or trainers (navy or white) for a casual look.  Team with some heels (dare I say peep-toe boots?) for evening.  Add a silk shirt and a white tux jacket.  Pair with a boxy cotton knit or a long sleeved tee.  Keep the other items plain and let the trousers sing.  Silky, baggy, airy and madly on trend … show me anyone with a skin condition who wouldn’t love these!




Monday, 18 May 2015

White Jackets - oh just indulge me!

Do not roll your eyes!  Whilst I admit that this may be a weakness of mine, a white jacket should be a solid basic in everyone’s wardrobe.  But for those of us who are members of that exclusive ‘Itchy and Scratchy Club’, the white jacket is more than just a wardrobe staple … it’s a goddamned life-saver!  Whether wearing to work, whilst on the school run, or as an evening look, the white jacket will just never let you down.   It won’t betray you by showing stray flakes and it still gives that wonderfully summery vibe, whilst keeping you covered.  All hail the white jacket!

Now please don’t all complain at once about it becoming grubby or tell tales of dreaded mucky handprints!  Firstly, you are now adults … there is no excuse for your jackets getting grubby!  Secondly, if you are still in those delightful but challenging (read head-wrecking) toddler years in your house, do not fear!  Today I am presenting you with lots of options that will cover all bases from dry-clean-only to wallet friendly and machine washable.  What more can you ask for?

I’m going to start with one that I showed on the blog last week, but I love it so much that you’ll just have to bear with me again.  This is a tad more formal so I think would probably be most suited for work, or indeed any upcoming weddings, christenings or Communions.  The blazer with applique fastening from Zara.  Bracelet length sleeves and a sixties boxy style; this is a very stylish option.

A standard classic staple, this white blazer with flap pockets from Zara is an ideal shape to have.  It’s on my list of purchases this month, as my plan is to build a collection of different style white jackets.  (Obsessed much?!  I like to think of it as channelling a budget version Olivia Pope)  This would look great on any occasion, whether paired with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, a maxi skirt/dress or even over some leather trousers.  And at only €49.95, it’s not going to break the bank!  Sadly, this is dry clean only.  (Quick tip – the most offending mark on white jackets in my experience is make-up streaks on the collar.  Baby wipes will sort this out in no time!)

The ever popular denim jacket is also available in white which is a lovely summery alternative to the usual blue.   Perfect over maxi dresses or vest tops and really lovely with khaki coloured cargos or joggers.  Better still, this one can be thrown in the washing machine!  (Do you reckon she just forgot to brush her hair or is this actually a 'style'?!)

Another option that can be thrown into the machine is this frayed hem jacket from Mango.  I almost bought this last week, but my size wasn’t available.  It’s now on my radar and I think will have to be part of my collection!  This is a much more casual jacket; almost like a cardigan in fact, and would be a great cover up for BBQ evenings or casual summer nights out.  Lovely over a tee and jeans, but just as great with a maxi.  Push up the sleeves for a more relaxed look and layer on the bracelets.  I really like this as a summer staple!  Oh who am I kidding?  Of course I’m going to buy this too.  After all, at €39.95, if it only lasts one season, it would still be worth it!  (The polo neck is vile  with it - just sayin'!)

For a slightly more substantial version, this cotton jacket also from Mango is very similar in style and shape and hallelujah! Can also be washed in the machine.  Slightly pricier at €59.95

Pricier again and with a ‘dry clean only ‘ tag is this double breasted jacket at €69.95, but oh! It’s lovely, isn’t it?  I haven’t seen this in real life, but if it looks as good as it does online, this could be a winner.  Lovely for a more formal event, but also really ups the style quotient when paired with jeans and a tee.  But not with shorts!  Unless of course you want to scare the neighbours, in which case, rock on!

And finally it ain’t summer without some linen.  If you can live with the wrinkled I-just-crawled-out-from-under-a-hedge look (I’m so allergic to wrinkled clothes, I could almost class it as a psoriasis trigger!) then you can’t go wrong with this linen blend trim blazer from Mango.  The black detailing is lovely; would be great teamed with black palazzos.  (Oh God though … the wrinkles!)

And that’s my round up!  Very simple – just two stores, but plenty of budget friendly options to choose from.  If you haven’t already tried a white jacket, go dip your toe in the water.  I promise you won’t be disappointed! 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wednesday Wish

It’s coming close to that time of year again.  That time when holidays approach and as hopeful we are that the sun will shine and help to clear our skin, there is also the dread of beachwear.  What on earth do we wear getting to and from the pool side?  With advancing years, I’ve embraced the sun lounger and by determinedly donning my shades and closing my eyes, I shut out the possible stares of others around me.  But concealing my skin at all other times still remains a priority.

And oh, what a lovely option this Tanzania python print chiffon kaftan by Heidi Klein would be.  I can imagine wafting to the pool side in this, Kindle in one hand and cocktail in the other!  Being clad in such glamour would definitely bolster my courage to lie on the lounger in my swimsuit, with my skin exposed.  In fact, I think I may need the hat also!