Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday Wish

Now I know it’s white, but that’s not why I chose it.  Honestly, I swear it’s not!  This jacket jumped off the page (screen) at me, because it just seemed so wonderfully decadent.  It reminded me of the smoking jackets of old (gosh sometimes I really miss smoking … I know one isn’t supposed to say that, because we all know that smoking is bad, yadda, yadda, yadda!) 

But I digress.  Contrary to my usual skinnies, I see this with wide legged black trousers, and a silk cami … with a long cigarette holder a la Audrey in one hand and a fabulous cocktail in the other!  Ah yes, it's hard to beat a bit of old Hollywood style glamour.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Keeping it Classic with Camel

I got side-tracked last week from my intended post on camel coats, but this week I am focused and ready to go!  So, let us proceed and talk all things camel.  Such a useful and classic shade to have in your wardrobe and if scalp psoriasis is an issue, fear not!  The camel colour will act as the ideal camouflage.

I bought a camel coat about four or five years ago in Zara and to this day, it remains my favourite coat.  The addition of a fur snood gives it a glamorous edge, but it looks just as stylish worn on its own with a pair of jeans and sweater.  I love it so much that I’ve decided everyone should have a camel coat in their wardrobe, so off I went to see what I could find.  And my first stop was Zara (aside – seriously! How long does it take to renovate the Dundrum store?  Get your act together people!  I’m starting to have serious withdrawal symptoms *nervous tic*)

But I digress!  To be honest, I was a little disappointed.  Or maybe I just wasn’t in ‘the zone’ that day, but everything I tried on was just a little ‘meh’!  First up was the Handmade Coat in Beige and my issue here is that the pockets are stupidly placed on the coat.  Call me old-fashioned, but I like a pocket that I can stick my hands into … or weigh down with keys, phone, wrappers and receipts.  Whilst in some areas I’m all about the form over function, when it comes to pockets, I’m a bit of a purist.   So here it is on the website

And here it is on me … meh!



The next one that I tried is called the Handmade Jacket on the website.  This is a few cents shy of €100 and I felt the price was a bit steep for what you get.  There’s no way to fasten this which I know for a fact would drive me insane and with no lining, it wouldn’t really work during the colder winter months.  Disappointing!


I have searched until my eyes nearly bled, but I cannot find this next coat anywhere on their website.  It looks identical to the straight cut coat, but that only appears to be available in black online.  To be fair to Zara, this is a lovely coat.  Nice quality and classic shape.  It does absolutely nothing for me however, apart from emphasise my shortness!  I prefer my coats to be a little shorter, or else so long that they almost sweep the floor!  But for the leggier amongst you, this is worth a look


To be honest, I was hot and bothered at this stage, so although I loved the look and feel of this duffle coat with the fur lined hood, I just didn’t have the energy to try it on.  Plus I was getting some very suspicious looks from the security man sitting at the door, so it was time to take my leave. 


That same week however, I also happened to be in Dunnes Stores and I spied this little throw-on wool coat, so quickly tried it and oh my word!  The sizing is all over the place here.  This is a size 12, but felt more like an 18 or 20.  It’s absolutely huge and in a world where we are all aiming for a sleek and svelte silhouette, this certainly wasn’t doing me any favours!  For €65 I think you could do better


So then I had a little look online and there are certainly some nice options worth considering.   A similar classic style to the Zara one is also available in Mint Velvet, the camel longline coat

An old classic style that reminds me of my childhood (and that’s not today or yesterday!) is the Asos Classic Duffle Coat.  Just imagine this with a bright scarf, jeans and knee high boots as you head off to pick up your copy of Jackie In Style magazine.


For something a little different, and currently on sale which is always a bonus, there is the Helene Berman double breasted cape reduced from €255.92 to €142.18



And saving the most expensive until last, the Religious Passage Drape Front Dresser Wool Coatwith Belt (now there’s a mouthful and no! I have never heard of Religious Passage either!)

So what are your thoughts?  Do you own a camel coat already or do you think they should be part of the desired capsule wardrobe? 

Have a good week




Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday Wish

Quite honestly, I was very tempted to post a picture of these Gianvito Rossi anthracite suedeover the knee boots, type the word WANT above it and just leave it at that! 

All thoughts of panto Prince Charming have been banished … I think the key might be the charcoal grey rather than black colour.  I just love these.  Gorgeous with skirts or dresses (and the inevitable opaques) and equally stunning as styled here (click through for further images) with leather jeggings and white jacket.  White jacket?!!  See!  It’s meant to be.

Oh, I wish …

Friday, 18 September 2015

Making the Most of a Discount

I was all set to start researching a post on camel coloured coats, when news of a discount code for Marks & Spencer dropped into my inbox.  And honestly, 20% is not to be sneezed at, so I’ve shelved the camel coats for now and decided to have a look at the A/W offerings from Marks.  This is the perfect opportunity to nab yourself a little investment piece at a discounted price.  Before I forget, the code you need to enter at the checkout is SEP15EM

Starting with cashmere!  I know there are a few of you for whom even cashmere is too itchy, but for the vast majority of psoriasis sufferers, cashmere is the only yarn that can be worn comfortably.  Problem is of course, that cashmere is never cheap, so this is one area where a 20% discount can really help.  I’m hoping to get to a store between now and Monday night to do a trying-on session, as I’ve decided my wardrobe is nothing without the addition of some pale grey cashmere (dramatic?  Moi?!)  Question is, what style of knit?  This A/W has been hailed as the season of the Polo/Turtle Neck by those in the know, so this Collection Pure Cashmere Polo Neck may be a good option.  €109 before discount.

However, my love for a slouchy top has never waned, so despite the fact that it’s clearly not pale grey (but they do have it in black …yum … all hail the joys of a clear scalp!) I keep coming back to this Autograph Pure Cashmere V Neck Jumper.  €140 before discount.  Lurve! 

Another trend that shows no sign of waning is Over the Knee Boots.  Last year I lusted after a pair of OTK boots … this year I’m not so sure.  Comparisons with panto princes spring to mind each time I look at them.   But don’t let me put you off (chances are high that I’ll be sporting a pair come the Christmas sales!) as the Stain Away Suede Block Heel OTK boots are a true classic.  €140 before discount

Another trend that I adore on others, but looks utterly pants on me (stunted, stout female Viking springs to mind) is the faux fur gilet.  This is a style that pops up year after year, and looks great either on its own or over a leather jacket or blazer.  Love the colour of this and it’s just ideal if scalp psoriasis needs to be camouflaged.  €110 before discount.

Recently I’ve been reading the blogs of some very stylish ladies, and all of them have been declaring that ecru/cream/winter-white jeans are now de rigeur for the autumn and winter months.  Well hello!  I am loving this idea.  Just imagine paired with a slouchy cream knit, brown ankle boots and a brown leather jacket?  Or team with the aforementioned grey cashmere polo and a long knitted coatigan?  Or even the grey cashmere polo and the fur gilet … love, love, love!  As a fan of M&S jeans for some time now (I accept that last sentence can only be described as frumptastically unsexy … but just try a pair and you’ll see what I mean) I think these M&S Collection Relaxed Skinny Jeans are definitely worth a punt at this price. €34 before discount.

This is but a tiny snapshot of what's available so head on over to their website and have a browse.  It would be a shame to waste this chance to nab a little treat much needed bargain.  Have a fabulous weekend!