Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wednesday Wish

Just a few weeks ago, I spied this Kate Spade Cobble Hill Devin bag in the window of Brown Thomas in Dublin and it was immediate love!  This link brings you to the small version, but my heart is with the larger bag, so obviously that adds another €100 or more to the price.  I have been known to pop into the store just to stroke it and say hello!

I bought a Kate Spade bag last Christmas in the Kildare Village outlet and to say I’ve used it constantly, is no lie.  It’s just the most perfect bag.  It sits on my shoulder without sliding, it’s the most gorgeous soft leather and it has just the right number of pockets.  I adore the black and white striped lining and it’s the ideal bag to travel with.  So now, I would like a taupe version thank you very much.  Dear Gods of Accessories …

Friday, 28 August 2015

This Week's Round Up

The summer has officially ended in Ireland.  The kids are back to school, the traffic is back to full volume (oh the joys!) and there’s a definite hint of Autumn in the air.  Some of us (smug expression alert) are actually running away next weekend to Marbella with the girls, but once I return it will really be a case of settling back to the usual routine.

This of course has not stopped me from sniffing out final bargains that will come in very useful next year when the sun shines again.  (Again!  *snort*)  The best bargain available right now is courtesy of the Mango sale which was brought to my attention by Donna.  Originally €59.95 but now only €17.95, this linen blend trim blazer is an absolute steal.  And yes, I’ve ordered it!  Honestly, I think it’s a great little addition to any summer wardrobe.  Still available in all sizes, so go forth and shop immediately.


I recently did a post about some bargain buys suitable for office wear and only yesterday I spied a new selection of the draped blouses in Primark, complete with long sleeves.  I think at this stage, it is a well-documented fact that I am no fan of Primark, but these tops are definitely an exception.  A very flattering and forgiving shape, these look great either on their own or under a jacket.  At €13 they’re not going to break the bank and will certainly ensure full skin coverage.  The great joy of these is that you can remove your jacket without fear of exposing angry psoriasis.  I’ve now added the blush colour to my collection.

Not the best colours if you have scalp psoriasis, but would look great under a white blazer. 
Also available in a teal shade 

The white is very sheer, but the blush shade works well (nude coloured underwear recommended)

After years of declaring that ‘Black is not your friend’ and ‘Embrace a paler palette of grey, taupe & cream’, it seems that the concept has caught on … as I ran through Mint Velvet yesterday, I was most amused to see this tee in the midst of their new collection ‘Grey is the new Black’  How right they are!  I think I might just have to add this to my wardrobe.  Well, it would be rude not to?!!  Think how great it would look with skinnies, blazer and huge scarf in the Autumn?  Or skinnies, long cardi and knee length boots? Oooh!  (Can you tell this is my favourite season?)


I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on ‘transitional dressing’, aka what to wear as the temperatures cool down.  Fashion vocabulary is really ridiculous sometimes, isn’t it?!

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Wish

Today I’ve thrown caution to the wind and gone for all out luxury.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not sure even a national lottery win would encourage me to pay this for a blouse.  I think I’d need to have won the Euro Millions to justify such a purchase.  So let’s all dream for a moment, shall we?

An ivory silk georgette blouse by Valentino for a mere £1,350 *laughs hysterically* In my next life, I’d like to come back as someone who could make such a purchase without having a nervous breakdown or risking bankruptcy as a result!  But it really is beautiful, isn’t it?  So elegant.  So classic.  So ideal for so many occasions.  But £1,350?  We can definitely only wish …

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

London Baby!

Six days playing tourist!  I have lived in London twice in my life, but as is so often the case when you live somewhere, I rarely visited any of the well-known tourist sites.  This time I was with The Teen, so we played the role of tourists with gusto.  The shopping however was a Big Fat Fail … not due to lack of choice, but because of the crippling exchange rate right now.  I tell you!  If you live in the UK, book yourself a weekend in Ireland – it will be like shopping in Selfridges at Primark prices for you guys!

The Teen had stored up some sterling and managed to spend it all on our first day in this Mecca of Loungewear for the Young, Pink.

The weather was not kind to us as you can tell from the clouds – not helped by tales of glorious sunshine back home.  This was taken at midday

I may not have bought, but it didn’t stop me looking and Liberty never fails to be a joy

Second on our list of favourite places was the Tower of London.  Fascinating four hours (And yes, I know this photo is of Tower Bridge but it was taken from inside the Tower of London)

But number one had to be Buckingham Palace and it would have been rude to come to London without a visit to the Queen

And now the ‘fashiony’ bit; those of you who follow me on Facebook may remember that I mentioned this crochet jacket from Dunnes Stores a few weeks ago.  Well, that was before I had worn it!  Absolutely LOVE it.  It’s the ideal little jacket for cooler summer evenings; for taking on holidays; for throwing on over a tee shirt or shell top

The back is a jersey material which makes it much less formal than a ‘normal’ jacket and the three-quarter sleeves look great if pushed up slightly a la Miami Vice!  This works for all occasions from work to play.  Admittedly it’s not going to conceal psoriasis on lower arms, but a collection of bangles and bracelets can do that for you.  I honestly recommend it and at just €40, it won’t break the bank.  (That currently equates to about £3.50 *snorts*)  Also available in navy … I’m very, very tempted to buy that too.  So go forth and have a look.  And if like me, you have a few Dunnes Stores money-back coupons stored away, then it will be even cheaper still.   

Right!  Time to don the flippers and go buy some groceries.  Seriously … this weather????  Have a good week.