Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday Wish

I’ll be honest.  I don’t really think I’m a biker boot kinda’ gal.  In fact it’s only in very recent times, that I’ve even given them a second glance.  But they are slowly growing on me.  The great advantage of having a young teenage daughter with the same size feet as me, is that I can buy them ‘for her’ and when her feet inevitably grow (she’s leggy … I don’t see her staying at a size 4) the boots will become mine!  Good plan, no?
But I digress.  If budget were to allow, then these are the biker boots that would tempt me.  ‘Twas the blurb suggesting  Put a chic meets tough-luxe spin on your off-duty outfits with these biker boots from Valentino’ that won me over.  But even at a 50% discount, these are too steep for my wallet – and certainly not when I’m shoe-shopping for the Teen!  One can but dream …

Monday, 26 January 2015

It's been a while ...

Since I did a post on Penneys (Primark).  Usually I’m quite scathing!  This is the store where really bad polyester goes to die.  But never let it be said that I’m inflexible (stop snorting down the back!), so in the interests of research – and because I saw a blouse that appealed– I decided to go in on a quiet weekday morning and see if I could find any bargains worth reporting. And the result wasn’t that bad at all! 

Let’s start with the aforementioned blouse.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook (see link on side panel of this blog) will have seen me talk about these over the weekend.  At only €11, this blouse would be ideal for wearing under a blazer for work, or indeed paired with pleather skinnies, heels and some delicate necklaces for an evening outfit.  Complete coverage of skin; a decent standard of polyester (it varies, trust me!); and wonderful draping at the front which covers a multitude of sins.  I tried on the navy … oh, how I love these clear scalp days!

Sold!  This will work with denim; in summer with white skinnies; it will look good now teamed with my black pleather jeans – in fact, there’s a multitude of ways that I could wear this.  There are four other shades available.  A rather vibrant yellow, a bright scarlet, a muted khaki and a white.  Sadly, the white one was very disappointing.  I did my usual test to check just how see-through it was.  Very! is the answer.  No chance of concealing psoriasis plaques or the odd muffin-tastic moment in this blouse!

On the other hand, the khaki is a very elegant shade.  Does absolutely nothing for me, but if this is your colour, then I suggest you buy one immediately!

Buoyed by my success, I ventured further in-store and I came upon these little cardigan-come-jackets.  I really liked these, and with a composition of acrylic and cotton, there is no danger that they will irritate the skin.  I tried on the navy one with a chain detail.  At only €15, this would be a perfect little cardi to have in the summer.  Ideal for pulling on over a tee-shirt in the evening and stylish enough to wear on a night out.

Note to Self:  Wear lipstick next time!
There is also a black version with a pleather detail, but for me the navy was the winner.  Both however, ideal for anyone with scalp psoriasis as this is a completely forgiving pattern.

I like a nice slouchy jumper so I tried this on out of interest.  At €11, it certainly won’t break the bank, although the mix of acrylic, polyester and elastane wouldn’t make it the warmest sweater that you’ll find.  Good for layering however and again, zero irritation to my skin.

I was also pretty impressed by their statement jewellery collection.  Quite often the metals on these can be very bright and shiny and just scream ‘cheap’, but to be fair to Primark, these looked good, and at just over a fiver, a complete bargain


Taupe boots are a winner for the spring and early summer months.  Personally I can’t do shoes or boots that aren’t leather.  This is not just a snobbery issue, it’s also based on the fact that my feet start to burn if I spend any length of time in cheap shoes.  For those of you not similarly afflicted, this version at only €20 would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The final item that impressed me was this jersey blazer for only €13.  The rails will be awash with these as we head into the warmer weather and quite honestly, the quality of this was equal to anything I’ve seen in H&M or Zara (I accept that I don’t rate these shops too highly either, but I’m simply comparing like with like on a cost basis).

So there you go!  Either I have mellowed with age, or Primark have (slightly) upped their game!  This time I was impressed.  Certainly for anyone who suffers with psoriasis, or indeed any sort of sensitive skin, there are lots of clothing options here at really fantastic prices.  Way to go, Primark! (I can’t believe I typed that.  I think I may have to go lie down …)



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Talking 'bout Tights

I had a query from a blog reader recently, which has prompted this post.  She enquired as to which type or brand of tights I would recommend, as she was recovering from a bad psoriasis flare up and her tights were really irritating her legs.  I was stumped!  I haven’t worn tights in many years (purely because I haven’t been in a situation where I’ve had to) and so I’ve stayed in my comfort zone of skinnies, jeans and joggers.  But hallelujah for social media!  I put out the call and thank you to all the lovely people who came back to me with solutions.
So here we go! 
The Unofficial Guide to Tights that Won’t Irritate your Skin
as compiled by
Real Psoriasis Sufferers
(you can’t get much better than that!)
1 – Primark Fleece Lined Tights got the thumbs up from quite a few of you.  Soft, warm and inexpensive was the verdict.  I thought the heat factor might exacerbate the itch, but apparently not.  Good to know!
Ideal tights for concealing psoriasis
2 - M&S do a range of opaque tights that include a cotton mix.  This is gentler on the skin and also washes really well, so although more expensive, they do last longer.  The 100 Denier Thermal tights are made of over 60% cotton.   I was told that H&M and Primark have a range of cotton mix tights also. 

Ideal for psoriasis patients, as made with 60% cotton

3 – Wolford Velvet de Luxe got the seal of approval!  A little pricey, but lovely to wear was the verdict.

Lovely to wear if you suffer with psoriasis on your legs

4 – Boot’s Posh range, 100 denier tights.  These have a lovely silky feeling apparently and if you size up, they won’t be too tight on your legs.  Of course I can't find them online, but I did find the Boots 40D Lightweight Cotton Tights, which according to the blurb, give great coverage on the leg.
Perfect fabric & coverage for anyone with psoriasis
5 – Calzedonia.  This is a brand I’ve never heard of before, but apparently they do a great range, particularly for winter.
6 – I’ve kept the best for last, as I think this is inspired.  For those of you who want a ‘nude’ look, the advice was to go to a specialist Dance shop.  You’ve seen the tights worn by ballerinas and ice-skaters, right?  Perfect for concealing psoriasis.  The other gem of wisdom is to avoid the shimmer range and also, to run the tights up your arm to make sure you get the correct colour match.  Genius!

Ideal tight for someone who wants to conceal psoriasis

And there we have it!  Thank you again to everyone on Twitter and Facebook who so kindly commented and gave their suggestions.  Possibly not the most glamorous post I've ever done, but equally probably one of the most useful!  So now we have no excuse … and I’m including myself in this too.  Time to get those legs out … I feel a short sequin skirt purchase coming on.  You have been warned!
See you in a few days, when I’ll be talking all things coats and jackets.  Because brrrr, let’s face it.  It looks like we’ll be wearing them for quite some time to come.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday Wish

Right now my Twitter timeline is flooded with images from the various Spring/Summer '15 shows that are currently taking place.   The good news is that there’s a lot of colour, which after the grey days of winter will be a welcome relief.  Even better news for us flakies, is that the all-white look remains popular for summer.  I’m rather more ambivalent about the fact that it looks like the ‘fugly’ shoe is sticking around this year.  Will I cave and buy Birkenstocks? (doubtful!)

So, as I was perusing all the aforementioned images, I was struck by this Diane Von Furstenberg Millie Colour Block Mini Dress.  I adore the colours and was delighted to see the bracelet length sleeves.  Imagine this with some over the knee boots?  Wouldn’t that be a fabulously stylish outfit, all the while still covering your skin?  Or even paired with opaques and some shoe boots?  (But if I’m honest, I’m preferring the chic comfort of OTK flat suede boots)  This is a look that I might have to try replicate on a budget! Love it …
great dress to wear, if paired with opaques for concealing psoriasis