Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Wish

Today I’ve thrown caution to the wind and gone for all out luxury.  I’ll be honest.  I’m not sure even a national lottery win would encourage me to pay this for a blouse.  I think I’d need to have won the Euro Millions to justify such a purchase.  So let’s all dream for a moment, shall we?

An ivory silk georgette blouse by Valentino for a mere £1,350 *laughs hysterically* In my next life, I’d like to come back as someone who could make such a purchase without having a nervous breakdown or risking bankruptcy as a result!  But it really is beautiful, isn’t it?  So elegant.  So classic.  So ideal for so many occasions.  But £1,350?  We can definitely only wish …

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

London Baby!

Six days playing tourist!  I have lived in London twice in my life, but as is so often the case when you live somewhere, I rarely visited any of the well-known tourist sites.  This time I was with The Teen, so we played the role of tourists with gusto.  The shopping however was a Big Fat Fail … not due to lack of choice, but because of the crippling exchange rate right now.  I tell you!  If you live in the UK, book yourself a weekend in Ireland – it will be like shopping in Selfridges at Primark prices for you guys!

The Teen had stored up some sterling and managed to spend it all on our first day in this Mecca of Loungewear for the Young, Pink.

The weather was not kind to us as you can tell from the clouds – not helped by tales of glorious sunshine back home.  This was taken at midday

I may not have bought, but it didn’t stop me looking and Liberty never fails to be a joy

Second on our list of favourite places was the Tower of London.  Fascinating four hours (And yes, I know this photo is of Tower Bridge but it was taken from inside the Tower of London)

But number one had to be Buckingham Palace and it would have been rude to come to London without a visit to the Queen

And now the ‘fashiony’ bit; those of you who follow me on Facebook may remember that I mentioned this crochet jacket from Dunnes Stores a few weeks ago.  Well, that was before I had worn it!  Absolutely LOVE it.  It’s the ideal little jacket for cooler summer evenings; for taking on holidays; for throwing on over a tee shirt or shell top

The back is a jersey material which makes it much less formal than a ‘normal’ jacket and the three-quarter sleeves look great if pushed up slightly a la Miami Vice!  This works for all occasions from work to play.  Admittedly it’s not going to conceal psoriasis on lower arms, but a collection of bangles and bracelets can do that for you.  I honestly recommend it and at just €40, it won’t break the bank.  (That currently equates to about £3.50 *snorts*)  Also available in navy … I’m very, very tempted to buy that too.  So go forth and have a look.  And if like me, you have a few Dunnes Stores money-back coupons stored away, then it will be even cheaper still.   

Right!  Time to don the flippers and go buy some groceries.  Seriously … this weather????  Have a good week.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday Wish

As a strong believer that sequins are not just for Christmas, I always find myself immediately drawn to anything that sparkles or shimmers.  And if I can wear it … then even better!  Today’s choice is slightly risky, as it is knitwear.  But it is merino wool, which is so light and smooth that I’m hoping it is a yarn that most of you will be able to wear.  It is one of the few, along with cotton and cashmere that has never caused my skin any irritation.

So as we hurtle forth to shorter evenings, darker days and colder temperatures, how about this little bit of bling to brighten up your day?  Pair with jeans and ankle boots for a casual day time look or pair with opaques, pencil skirt and heels for a sophisticated evening look.  Throw on over some soft joggers for a cosy night in.  This is one sweater that I think would always bring a smile to your face … now surely that makes it worth the price tag?


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Work Wardrobe Staples

Quite often in our rush to share our love of the skinny jean or our newfound love of the jumpsuit, we bloggers can be guilty of neglecting the working wardrobe.  For many of us who work at home, a casual look is the norm.  For many people however, a more formal outfit is a daily necessity from Monday to Friday.

Recently I have needed to ditch the jeans occasionally and present a smarter image to the outside world when giving talks about psoriasis.  So today I want to share a few bargains that I’ve discovered along the way that most certainly won’t break the bank (leaving precious shillings for those skinnies!) yet will ensure that you look polished for an office environment.  

Dunnes Stores has (surprisingly) come up trumps quite recently and it was actually a high-flying executive pal of mine who let me into the secret of their trousers.  The ones that I’ve bought, the Techno Trousers, are now on sale, so are probably only available in odd sizes.  I bought them in both black and beige, and in celebration of my clear ankles, I got the shorter ankle-grazer length.  The good news is that they are also available in a longer length to give full coverage.




However there are other options currently available.  These Straight Leg Trousers look almost identical in style and at €25 are worth a look.  A variety of lengths available.


For a slightly more modern twist, the Jacquard Stretch trousers are very chic and would look great paired with either ballet flats or a pair of courts.  If psoriasis is a problem around the ankles, just add some opaque or nude knee-highs (ssssh, let’s never mention those words again) to ensure that your skin is concealed.  Again at €25, I think these are worth further investigation.


My second tip entails me squirming slightly as despite all my previous rants against that Polyester Emporium, Primark, I’m about to eat my words and recommend a blouse.  (Stop sniggering down the back!)  However, in my defence, I’m only recommending them as a type of ‘window dressing’.  These draped, sleeveless blouses are utterly useless if you wish to conceal psoriasis on your arms … but are really effective at being a smart base beneath a white or cream jacket.  The draping is very forgiving, the lack of sleeves will keep you cool and the whole effect is very smart for an interview or presentation.  €11.  Seriously!  You’d barely get a bottle of wine for that.   


These fly off the rails as soon as they arrive in store, so if you see them, buy them!  Primark had a long sleeve version earlier in the spring, so I think they are a staple part of their annual stock.  The only thing I would say, is that the white one doesn’t work terribly well as the cheap fabric (hello, what do you expect for €11?) is very see through in this colour.
That’s it from me on the bargains that I’ve found for the working wardrobe.  If you know of any others, please let me know and I’ll happily share them.  Have a good week!