Saturday, 18 June 2016

Summer Shopping at Zara

I’m not going to lie to you!  I believe that the quality in Zara has gone downhill in recent times, but as I know lots of you are still fans and as the sale season is almost upon us, I decided to see if they had anything useful for a psoriasis summer wardrobe.  And to be fair to them, they really do! 

As I mentioned last week when I was looking at the current range in Mango, trousers are the one thing that I hate shopping for.  But at this time of year when it’s so much warmer, a loose pair of trousers can make a huge difference to your comfort levels, especially if you have psoriasis on your legs.  In complete contrast to the usual black and grey bottoms of winter, I was drawn to these Striped Crepe Trousers.  Really light and airy; full length so full coverage, and can be teamed with a simple white or cream top.  Crepe fabric is also ideal for packing (no wrinkles!) so a good little addition to your holiday wardrobe if you’re planning on heading away.

The Drawstring Trousers are available in a range of colours and come complete with the requisite pocket in the seam for a really relaxed vibe.  Light, summery and full coverage.  That’s another lot of boxes ticked!

But my favourite are these Peg Leg Trousers in khaki (also come in a camel colour).  I love everything about these and could imagine them looking just as good teamed with heels, tee and fitted blazer as with a simple white shirt and trainers.

Moving on slightly from trousers, I spied this Studio Jumpsuit last week when I was in store.  It stopped me in my tracks as honestly, I’m not sure you could find a more perfect combination of criteria in one outfit.  It’s a linen mix, so shouldn’t irritate skin and will keep you cool on hot days (I’m still determinedly ignoring the rain!)  It’s a pale shade so should scalp psoriasis be an issue, it won’t be visible on this colour.  With long sleeves and full length legs, complete coverage of your skin is guaranteed.  I had a good look at it and reckoned that with the addition of heels and lots of gold jewellery, (think multi strand fine necklaces and bangles) this could be easily dressed up.  Equally, throw on a pair of trainers and you’re good to go for the weekend.  Definitely one to look at if you need a multi-tasking piece in your wardrobe this summer

And finally tops!  Gratifyingly, quite a good selection of tops with longer sleeves.  Perhaps retailers are finally realising that only stocking sleeveless tops during the summer months is just an exercise of hope over experience. Starting with a Striped Top and if you want to go the ‘matchy-matchy’ route with the trousers above, then knock yourself out!  Personally I’d pair this with a pair of white or black skinnies.  Before you say it, I realise this isn't a full length sleeve, but it should be long enough to conceal the elbow which is usually the offending part!

The Kimono Sleeve Top pretty much has my name all over it.  Very relaxed and easy to wear; no tight fitting bits to cause discomfort (or bulging!) and actually a perfect shape for holidays when you may be indulging more than usual!

The Plumetis Blouse is the perfect choice for those who like the boho look.  I’ve tried this look on in so many fitting rooms, but I’ve never yet purchased.  I always look faintly ridiculous whilst on others it looks so fab, but I’m determined to find one that suits.  Perhaps this will be the one!

Finally, a white shirt with a difference!  The Blouse with Sequinned Yoke is the perfect top for anyone who prefers a streamlined look, but wants to give a nod to an occasion.  Great with jeans and heels and just a little different to the usual shirts out there.

Actually, just one more!  Finishing with this bomber jacket which I think is a really a cute contender for a ‘going out’ outfit.  There are tons and tons of bombers in Zara, but this one is a little glitzier than the others.  As the chiffon is patterned (with gold … oooh!), it should conceal plaques and so if worn with a little vest top and trousers, gives another option for a dressy evening look.  Personally I'd be giving the crop top a miss, but you know! Each to their own!

I should confess that I’ve actually written this post earlier in the week, so when you’re reading this, I will be in Manchester for the opening weekend of the Psoriasis Shout Out roadshow.  If you’re in the vicinity, please do come and say hello!  I’ll be in the Central Library from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday June 18th talking all things beauty and fashion relating to psoriasis with make-up artist Rena Ramani.  There will be models and demonstrations and generally lots of good fun!  On Sunday 19th, I plan to hang out with all the dermatology experts on the healthcare trailer in Piccadilly Gardens, so we’d really love to meet you.  Apparently it’s Manchester Day so the city will be buzzing.  Can’t wait!  Here's a little taster of what you can expect, 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wednesday Wish

Only days to go, so you’ll have to forgive me if you clicked on this post hoping for some extravagant wish … because this week, yet again, my wish is very simple!  My wish is to see you all next week!

If you live in Ireland and either you, or someone you know, suffers from psoriasis, then please join us on Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd for the very first Ireland Psoriasis Shout Out.  This will be your chance to meet with healthcare experts – dermatologists, psychologists, nurses – and patient advocates who will be there to offer advice, help and support.  We will be on St Stephen’s Green (opposite the Luas line and outside the Unitarian Church) from 10am until 4pm each day.  You won’t be able to miss us – just look for the enormous healthcare trailer emblazoned with the red Psoriasis Shout Out logo!  And if the thought of expert advice isn’t enough to lure you in, we might just throw in a free stress ball, lip balm and pen – now you can’t ask for much more than that!

 So will you make my wish come true?  Please do join us next week and help us to raise awareness of this disease.  I’d love to meet you and I know you’ll find the event really worthwhile.  

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Summer Shopping at Mango

It has been raining here for the past three days straight.  Given that I’m Irish and have lived in Ireland for the majority of my life I’m not entirely sure why this comes as a surprise.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now.  But I am one of life’s dreamers who likes to believe that June equals sunshine.  Well ha, ha, ha!

Undeterred however, I am looking upon this monsoon as merely a glitch and am quite sure that the sun is just taking a small rest and will come bursting through the clouds any day now … just in time for the Psoriasis Shout Out next week (June 22/23 people … St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin … I expect to see you ALL there) because obviously it couldn’t rain on the Shout Out.  No, it couldn’t. * gnaws fingers anxiously *

As I promised to look at the subject of summer wardrobes and how to negotiate dressing in warmer weather when trying to conceal psoriasis, I was very pleased to see an email arrive from one of my favourite stores for summer shopping, Mango.  Their sale is due to start imminently, but for now, if you buy one item you will get 30% off and if you buy two, it’s 40%.  The code to use is 6SALES8  Also note that all prices quoted are pre-discount because frankly, nobody wants to trust me with the maths! 

I’m going to go completely off topic for one minute and throw in this Patch Pocket Camel Blazer €59.95 as a highly recommended buy.  I bought this earlier in the year, and it was a really good purchase.  I’ve worn it endlessly; it’s a classic shade yet has the more modern longer length.  Great with black, cream or navy and a good staple to have in your wardrobe for the Autumn.  30% off is not to be sneezed at!

But on with the summer goods and staying with jackets for a moment, I picked this White Satin Bomber €49.95.  Very much the jacket of the season, this would look fab with a silky vest top, some skinnies and towering heels for an evening out.  Or y'know ... if you wanted to style it like the model ... snorts loudly & feels old!  Pair with joggers or jeans, a tee and some Converse for a casual weekend look and you instantly have a jacket that will work for both day and night.  Bargain!

Mango is a veritable treasure trove of summery tops and even when I narrowed my search down to only long sleeves, the selection was excellent.  As a change from my usual white and cream shades, I liked this Flowy Printed Blouse €29.95, which would work so well with either navy, white or indeed a faded denim.   

The Openwork Trim Blouse €25.95, comes in a variety of colours, but I quite liked this gentle blush shade.  This is a very elegant top and for the leggier amongst us would look great tucked into a pair of flowing wide trousers.  Equally as lovely however paired with skinny jeans, either tucked in or flowing loosely.  Very light and airy, yet still covers the skin beautifully.

The Pleated Trim Blouse €29.95, is a really pretty option and would be an ideal top for the office.  It comes in a variety of shades, including cream for those who are worried about scalp psoriasis.  I also love the idea of this paired with joggers, boyfriends or distressed denim. 

It’s rare that you will see me recommend a dark colour blouse on this blog, but this Off Shoulder Blouse €25.95 in cobalt blue is an exception!  I know this won’t suit everyone but as a lot of people seem to escape getting psoriasis on their d├ęcolletage, this on-trend look, complete with a longer sleeve, is a great option for summer

Clearly it would be all types of wrong if I didn’t include at least one white or cream top, so here is the Bead Neck Blouse €49.95, which is so wonderfully loose and baggy that I’d imagine it would be a joy to wear on skin that is sore or irritated.  Add in the beading around the collar and this becomes a dressy little number that would work well for an evening out.

Next up I had a browse through the trouser section.  Personally, I hate buying trousers and I’m guessing I’m not the only one!  For a change, I’ve ignored the skinnies and gone for a straight or slim leg cut.  I did look at the wide leg selection but quite honesty the models looked like they’d nicked clown costumes from the nearest circus.  Not a look to be attempted by anyone under 6ft. 

First up the Cotton Suit Trouser available in both navy and grey, €39.95.  Again, these are ideal for the office, but would work just as well during down time if paired with trainers and a linen
long sleeve tee.

Everyone needs a pair of white trousers in their wardrobe for summer.  It’s practically the law!  Not the easiest things to buy it has to be said (anyone else share my hatred of being able to see the pocket lining? And don't even get me started on psoriasis plaques) but when you find the right ones, the joy is worth it!  These Belt Baggy Trousers  €49.95 look like a really comfy option for throwing on to lounge about on summer holidays, but equally could be dressed up with a navy blazer and some wedges for pub grub in the evening.

Finishing with the Patch Pockets Trousers €39.95 because frankly, who can resist a pocket or two?  All of the comfort with some definite style!

I had a look at the jumpsuits but nothing really worked (in my opinion!) but I do have an idea or two up my sleeve which I will share with you later in the week.  In the meantime, the countdown is most definitely on … will I get to meet you in Manchester (18/19 June ) or in Dubin (22/23 June)?  For your entertainment (whilst I cringe!) I will leave you with this …