Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday Wish

Here is a tale that just screams ‘first world problems.’  Whilst in town with a pal last weekend, she decided she would investigate the wonders of Crème de la Mer.  I tagged along, buckets of scepticism in tow.  I don’t care if it contains crushed grains of golden fairy dust, no face cream is worth that sort of money, I thought.  Oh I was adamant in my cynicism!

But then I was given a small tester pot to take home.  So on Monday morning I duly applied said cream and yes!  It felt really, really lovely on my face.  And suddenly I understood the term ‘dewy’. My skin looked fresher … dare I say radiant?  And then, well then, just to really cap it all off, I got not just one, but two compliments that day.  “You’re looking really well” I was told (in tones that were just a tad too surprised for my liking)  “No really, you are. You look younger!” 

People!  I know I’ve featured this before, but I hadn’t tried it then.  This time, I’m hooked.  But sweet mudda, have you seen the price?  This is today’s Wednesday Wish and if it means selling a kidney, it will be mine.  Younger!   It made me look younger!  I’ll race you to the store …

Monday, 20 April 2015

Playing Heidi

Between you and me, unless Heidi was a particularly keen skier, she must have had quite a dull life.   As I had already strongly suspected, Flaky is definitely more of a city girl … there’s only so much gazing at beautiful scenery that one can do!  What am I talking about?  Read on …

Last week I travelled to Davos in Switzerland (that’s two planes, three trains and two taxis worth of travel on one day) to speak to industry leaders about living with psoriasis.  I talked about my day to day experiences and about my more extreme flare-ups.  I talked about the many, many treatments I have tried – the endless cycles of hope and disappointment.  I told them how we adapt our lives around our disease … how in fourteen years of family holidays, I have never gone into the pool or sea to swim with my daughter.  I talked about sleepless nights due to hot, itchy skin.  I talked about the many diets I have done in the hope that they might be the key to a cure.  I talked and talked and talked!

And then I told them that it is time for a Re-Brand.  It is time we stopped calling psoriasis a skin disease.  Because it is not a skin disease!  It is an autoimmune disorder.  This is not something that can be fixed with a tube of lotion or a spell in the sun.  Psoriasis is so much more complex than that and by calling it a skin disorder we are lessening the gravity and impact of our illness.  Welcome to my new bandwagon!!  I think part of the reason that so many people don’t take this disease seriously enough is that they don’t realise it is much more than just a rash.  Beneath the surface, there is much more going on and we need to start acknowledging that.  Now!

End of rant!

So onto the fun stuff!  The scenery was ridiculously stunning …

On the first day of meetings, I wore my Carolyn Donnelly The Edit navy pinstripe blazer, which remains one of my best bargains ever, reduced to €29 from €159.

On the second day, I wore a grey Banana Republic jacket, accessorised with a pocket square from Liberty.

Selfie Stick in Action

Still haven’t upgraded my $10 Old Navy shades!

Our hotel was owned by an Italian Formula One driver – clearly I had no clue who they were talking about, but just in case any of you are fans, here you go ...

And that was Switzerland!  I’ll be back on Wednesday with the usual Wish, but then later in the week, I have a fabulous post for you all about what make up to wear to conceal psoriasis on your face.  How to apply it, what products work best; a full step by step guide!  It has been written by a lady who lives with this every day and who is such an expert that despite peering curiously, I couldn’t tell that she had any facial psoriasis at all.  You won’t want to miss it! 

Have a great week.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Supermarket Sweep!

Confession time!  I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to clothes.  This clearly, is in complete conflict with the bargain loving side of me who does a rapturous jig at the sight of a sale sign.   It’s a tricky juggling act.  But this snobbery is not related to cost (although I really dislike Primark.  #sorrynotsorry) It’s rather that I cannot abide cheap and nasty fabrics.  They set my teeth on edge.  In fact, if I weren’t already afflicted, I swear I’d come out in a rash!   But sometimes (and ‘tis rare, I’ll grant you) sometimes you’ll find a little gem in the midst of the polyester pile.

One such little gem is this paisley print bubble hem blouse from Tesco.  I had a wander through their clothes department a few days ago with my daughter, and I’ll be honest, most of them had that 'I’m just going to pop out to play Bridge now, dear' vibe about them.  But this one caught my eye.  It’s pretty yet provides full coverage.  If your décolletage is clear, you can leave the ties open and that extra exposure of skin gives a long sleeved top a more summery feel.  If your décolletage needs concealing, simply close the ties.  The light colour and chiffon sleeves will still look season appropriate.  And because of the little pattern on the sleeves, you can be safe in the knowledge that your skin is covered.  Perfect to wear with grey, khaki, white or denim jeans/trousers/maxi skirt.  This is one very versatile top for a mere €23.

Look!  I've finally mastered the Selfie Stick.  There'll be no stopping me now :)
A reader also very kindly sent me the link to these punch-out peep toe shoe boots, so I had a little look to check them out.  All hail the wonder of the peep-toe boot!  If you’re in the market for a bargain (at this price, not leather I’m afraid) then this pair at €32.50 should do the trick.  Loving the ventilation with the punch hole effect and all the while your skin is concealed.  Available in both black and grey.

A little run into Dunnes Stores to pick up some blueberries (Dieting is the most boring thing in the whole world and nothing, nothing, nothing will ever convince my taste buds that fruit and berries are a suitable sweet alternative to a stonking great bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk!) and I stumbled (ok, I diverted through the clothes section) across this long edge to edge cardigan.  At only €20, it is lightweight but so comfy and stylish.  Ideal to throw on as the summer evenings get chillier.  Great for those who work in air conditioned offices.  Indeed, an interesting alternative to the usual jacket or blazer.   The light grey would be ideal for anyone with scalp psoriasis and it’s also available in navy, black and chartreuse (that's yellow to you and me!) 



So there you have it!  My roundup of a few bargains I’ve seen in the past week.  For those who live near a TK Maxx, I also spotted these little gems on my travels.  The first pair are very similar to the ones I bought in the US a few weeks ago, but considerably cheaper at just €34.99.  Great coverage if that is what you need.
These Calvin Klein classic snakeskin courts were only €54.99 and there seemed to be quite a few sizes available.
And finally these Michael Kors sandals – a somewhat steeper €74.99 but gorgeous!

And now I must run.  I’m off to Davos (Switzerland) tomorrow to tell a group of pharma industry people all about the ‘joys’ of living with psoriasis.  I shall pack my selfie stick so keep an eye on Instagram!  Have a good week.   

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wednesday Wish

The Wednesday Wish is all about escaping from reality for a few moments and today I’m doing just that!  The glorious weather of the past few days has demanded that sundowners be sipped each evening.  For some the chosen tipple is a gin & tonic, for others a cool beer.  But if money were no object and the choice was mine, then honestly?  It would have to be Bollinger.  Every day!  Happily!  Just call me Patsy Stone J