Monday, 28 July 2014

Big Headed

I love hats.  Sadly, hats don’t really love me back!  Despite being just under five foot four, with a shoe size of 37, I have managed to end up with a ginormous large head.  (In the literal sense you understand.  I’m not referring to an over inflated ego)  So as much as I long for the casual chic of a straw trilby to top off my jeans and tee combo, unfortunately, it is not to be.  And if you don’t believe me … keep scrolling, because I’ve provided photographic evidence!

Apart from being incredibly stylish, the straw trilby is also a great friend during the hotter temperatures of recent days and frankly, is almost a necessity if you plan on holidaying in sunnier climes.  It shields your head from the hot sun.  It protects your face from the rays (wrinkles darlings, wrinkles!) and actually, if you have scalp psoriasis, wearing a straw trilby will keep your head cooler, ergo less itchy irritation.

So without further ado, for those of you who are more correctly proportioned than me, here are an array that can currently be found in stores.   

Good old Marks & Spencer never fails when it comes to the basics and this snakeskin print scarf trim hat has a certain ‘70s glamour appeal.

Oasis turned up trumps on this occasion with not just one, but three options to choose from,

great summer hat for anyone with scalp psoriasis

great sunhat for anyone with scalp psoriasis

great summer hat for someone with psoriasis

This Warehouse Panama Hat featured in my fashion show last May – and no, I tried it at the time and it didn’t fit me!
summer hats for psoriasis sufferers
Between you and me, I think her head is a big too big for this hat .. no?

If all this is a little too beige for your liking, the Ted Baker straw hat comes in both a rust or navy colour
summer hats for psoriasis sufferers

Or my favourite, this white panama hat from Next.  She looks chic.  I’d look ridiculous
summer hats for psoriasis sufferers


And as promised ….

This is from the Men’s section in Dunnes Stores.  It’s a One Size Fits All.  Snort!  Apart from me clearly … much precarious teetering of the hat as I gingerly took a photo!

And again from Dunnes Stores, this time a Mens size L/XL. The Teen informed me I looked like Pharrell Williams.  Less than ‘happy’ (boom, boom!) I put it back.

So, are you a fan of hats?  Do you share my problem?  And if so, have you managed to one that fits?
PS:  Did you notice my hands?  Scroll back ... take a look!  No flaking.  No redness.  No inflammation.  I'm almost afraid to jinx it ... but I think the injections are starting to work *joyously flings imaginary hat in the air*

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday Wish

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may have noticed that I purchased a divine pair of Michael Kors leopard print court shoes in TK Maxx yesterday.  Clearly such bargains are the exception rather than the rule, but inspired by the amazing comfort of these shoes, I decided to have a look and see was there anything else in the Michael Kors range that might fit the Wednesday Wish.

Unsurprisingly, I was spoilt for choice.  A fabulous selection of peep toe boots and caged sandals, but for a change I thought I’d opt for something flat. The Adriana Flat Sandal has great coverage if your foot is afflicted with psoriasis; the back zip allows easy access and the colour is just perfect for matching all your summer trews.  Definitely on my wish list for these summer months.
perfect summer shoe for someone with psoriasis

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Harems, Joggers, Whatever ... it's Love!

There are some people who are ‘early adopters’ when it comes to fashion.  I’m not really one of those.  I like to see a trend tried and tested before I give it a go.  There are very few new ideas that I don’t greet with a degree of scepticism (trainers as fashion wear … you’re kidding me, right?) but in this case, I really, really wanted to love the trend.  The jogger, the harem pants – call them what you will.  Basically, the complete opposite of my beloved skinnies.

I decided to dip my toe in the water with this pair of Puma Hussein Chalayan from TK Maxx.  I found them in the leisure section - to this day, I’m not entirely sure why I wandered into such alien territory.  But, at €44 reduced from €149 (well hello!!!), I was immediately seduced by the bargain and decided to give them a whirl.  Not so baggy that they are a tribute to MC Hammer, yet loose enough to qualify as an on-trend jogger.


Worn with a black vest top from Zara and a jacket from Cos (both old)

Fellow psoriasis sufferers!  Come sit by me and let me tell you of the joy that is joggers.  They are wonderfully loose - light, draped cloth gently floating around your legs.  No harsh fabric rubbing against your skin.  No tightness to irritate.  Not so hot that you want to tear them off!  In fact, all that floating fabric serves to keep your legs cool.  I think I may live in these forever more.  Are you listening?  If you are a fellow Flaky, you need these in your wardrobe.  Actually silly me!  You need multiple pairs. You can team them with Converse, with ballet flats, with gladiators, with boots.  They will work with tee shirts and a cropped blazer for day, with a vest and sequin jacket for night.  A shell top, a silk shirt, a short sweater … the options are endless.  Which is just as well really, as I guarantee that these will become a favourite staple in your wardrobe.

Worn with a Tesco shell top (similar here)

Happiness is …

So, let me tell you where else you can get them

Hush Long Harem Trouser – not in the sale which speaks volumes for their popularity

Next Modal Blend Joggers – the sale starts next Saturday, if you’d like to risk the wait

Mint Velvet Harem Pants – now reduced in the sale! 
And finally, even  good old M&S have got in on the act, Indigo Tencel Joggers
So what do you think?  Have you tried this trend already?  Are you a convert?  Or are these just a step too far back into the '80s for you?  Trust me ... don't discount them til you've tried them!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wednesday Wish

A number of years ago, I read an interview with the very elegant (and very French) Madame Isabelle d’Ornano.  Who?  She is one half of the founding couple of Sisley – a luxury skincare range that has enjoyed exceptional success worldwide.

At the time, I sighed and thought ‘one day my shelves will be stocked with this brand’.  Well, ‘one day’ hasn’t quite arrived, but as the Wednesday Wish is all about flights of fancy, today I am wishing for the Sisley Global Anti-Age Hand Cream.  My hands, although almost completely clear (does quick double jig!) can still feel dry much of the time and indeed, due to years of applying topical steroid creams, they are starting to show signs of ageing.  But voila!  This hand cream could well provide the answer!  Onto my wish list it goes.