Monday, 16 March 2015

New Boots for A Forthcoming Trip

As everyone else is starting to look at sandals, I perversely decided to look at boots.  Ankle boots to be more precise.  The reason will become clear shortly, but firstly let me show you what I found.  This is a great time of year to find a bargain as most of the stores will be busy trying to make room for their summer stock.

These Savida suede boots in Dunnes Stores actually made me stop in my tracks – such a great copy of the Ash Jalouse.  I even bought a pair in black, knowing that they would probably sell out very quickly if I didn’t make a move.  See!  I’m learning!

Also available instore in a sand colourl  Appears to be sold out in this shade online

But then I tried them on at home and I wasn’t fully convinced that they fit properly and of course I became distracted by the 20% off sale in Marks & Spencer, and so I ordered these Suede Elasticated Panel ankle boots as well.

I wavered for a while over which colour to choose but in the end the navy won, as right now it works best with my wardrobe.  Plus as we all know, navy boots are usually impossible to find.  Black boots were promptly returned.

However, there is currently a sale in M&S on lots of their boots, so this is a selection that would work really well coming into the summer months.  They all provide full foot coverage, the ever important comfort factor for those with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, and most of these colours would be perfect with pale or white jeans.

Another navy option and leather as well.  The Leather SquareToe Chelsea Boots are perfect for now, and will definitely be a wardrobe staple in the autumn.  You can’t ask for much more at just €55.

For those of you who love the Toga Pullas (look at me being inclusive – be impressed!) these Limited Edition Textured Ankle Boots are quite a nice homage, although at this price clearly not leather.  Would certainly be an interesting alternative to the usual brogue or loafer style this summer.

And finally these Indigo Collection Suede Stain Away Strap Ankle Boots are calling my name!  Again, the colour is ideal for this time of year as we start to pull the paler colours out from the dusty recesses of our wardrobes

However, I am going to resist, because I’m really hoping to strike it lucky in DSW at the end of the week. Because – drum roll please – I am so, so, so excited to tell you that I’ve been invited to attend the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in San Francisco this week. I will be attending with the Skin To Live In team, part of the Novartis dermatology arm.   During my time at the conference, I will be attending lectures, taking part in a Twitter Chat, doing interviews, giving a talk on what clear skin means to me … and generally trying to represent the psoriasis patient as well as I can while I am there.  To see some of the great work that the Skin To Live In team do, please click here.

So, the new boot purchase was essential as I think I would look slightly ridiculous wearing my knee high boots in San Francisco.  I have been tracking the weather there for the past few weeks, and at this stage I’m so bewildered by the fluctuations in temperature that I fear my packing may be very much of the ‘just in case’ style – cue large trunk and multiple cases!

My blogging may be sporadic while I’m away, but I will definitely keep both Twitter (@flakyfashnista) and Instagram (@theflakyfashionista) updated, so please come follow me there if you don’t already do so.    I promise lots of photos, chat and observations.   OK!  ‘Tis time to start packing …


Friday, 13 March 2015

Psoriasis Survey

Are you a psoriasis patient living in Ireland?
A new report is being published later this year examining the impact of psoriasis on patients in Ireland.  It is rare to find information that deals exclusively with the Irish patient, and so I’m excited to bring you this survey which will form part of the report.
Please, please spend the two minutes it will take to click on the link below and fill out this questionnaire.  We can all do our part to bring us closer to more effective treatments (dare I say a cure?!) if we continue to provide the information needed by researchers.
If you don't have psoriasis but know someone in Ireland who does,  I would be very grateful if you could share this survey with them.

Thank you

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday Wish

I’ve said before that I’m not really a fan of the traditional trench coat.  You know that type that crops up on every list of ’10 Items That Are Essential For A Capsule Wardrobe’?  To be honest, I just don’t get the appeal of a supposed raincoat that doesn’t incorporate a hood of some sort.  Clearly designed by people who don’t suffer from that well-known Frizzy If Wet Hair Syndrome.

This Maison Margiela oversized canvas version of the traditional mac however, I can definitely cope with - even though it too lacks a hood.  Perhaps it’s the absence of a belt (I have an illogical aversion to belted coats) or perhaps it’s the Audrey Hepburn inspired mandarin collar, but either way, I think this would be a very long wearing and stylish addition to your wardrobe.  And do I even need to mention at this stage how perfect the colour is?!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mother's Day 'Flaky Friendly' Gifts

I remember when I was pregnant my sister informed me with a heavy sigh, that this made shopping for my Christmas present very difficult.   I was at a loss as to why.   It wasn’t as if the condition was going to last forever!  Psoriasis however, can definitely make gift buying a little tricky, so I’m hoping that some of these suggestions will help when it comes to choosing Mother’s Day gifts.  

(May I suggest that you casually leave this page open on your iPad or laptop for the remainder of the week?  Just some random inspiration for your family to 'happen upon'. You’re welcome!)

I’ve mentioned Bia Beauty before, an Irish skincare company producing divinely smelling natural products.  This Helping Hands Gift Set of hand wash and hand lotion not only smells gorgeous, it will also leave hands soft and fresh without any irritation.  €25 for the set – click here for stockists.

It’s rare to find a fashionista who doesn’t like a little bit of leopard print.  In fact I’ve even heard it referred to as a neutral (still trying to get my head around that one if I’m honest).  I’ve been frantically dropping hints all over the place about how much I like these Paul Costelloe Living Leopard frames.  Will anyone pick up on it I wonder?  Price range €25 to €30, from Dunnes Stores.

Jo Malone is always a crowd pleaser and this new scent, Wood Sage & Sea Salt is a winner.  Just the wrapping alone makes this a very luxurious gift.

Having read tons of rave reviews about Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes I finally bought a copy last weekend.  It’s a cracking read and I’m excitedly awaiting my new and improved super youthful skin as a result of her recommendations.  For any beauty lovers (or even those who just want to know a few tricks to help conceal the ravages of time), this gets my thumbs up.  €23 online (slightly spitting now ‘cos I paid €33 in our local bookshop)

You can never go wrong with a scarf.  One of my current favourites is this Animal Fusion Oversized Scarf from Biba.  In fact I love it so much I even bought it recently for a friend’s birthday.   From memory approximately €49 instore or £35 online.

Finishing with a delicate piece of jewellery which I’m pretty sure most Mums would love!   A Marc for Marc Jacobs Cream Enamel Disc bracelet.   Comes in different metals and colours and costs £50. 

Hopefully this provides enough ideas (all of which are guaranteed to not to irritate, annoy or exacerbate your skin condition) to spur your offspring into action, .  Of course if all else fails, there’s always flowers.  Just not carnations.  Nothing says 'I really couldn't be bothered my ass' more loudly than a limp bunch of carnations.   And no garage flowers.  Dear Lord NO!  Never garage flowers!  Fussy? Moi?

Have a good week.