Saturday, 20 December 2014

Video : Chatting about Psoriasis ... what else?!

Last March, I was interviewed by Novartis on my thoughts and experiences of living with psoriasis. More than an hour of chatting has been whittled down to just over 3 minutes of video time (that poor, poor editor!)  Nine months later, I can finally share this with you … and apart from lightening my hair colour (I was in my ‘grow-the-goddamned-fringe-out’ stage back then) nothing else has changed. Everything I say still holds true. 

-        I still believe that finding the right dermatologist is absolutely vital for the successful treatment of psoriasis.

-        I still believe that doctors need to spend more time listening to their patients’ needs and concerns.  

-        I still believe that psoriasis patients must stop settling for mediocre treatment and need to be made aware of all the options open to them and all the research being done. 

-        I still believe that psoriasis patients need to be given hope.  Always.  

-        I still believe that nobody should allow psoriasis to define them.

-        I still believe that I will achieve clear skin (*whispers* getting there … definitely getting there!!)

-        Oh!  And I still believe you can’t beat a white jacket!!







Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wednesday Wish with a Christmas Twist

This is the last Wednesday Wish before Christmas. (No, I will not be doing one next week.  It’s Christmas Eve … there will be presents that need wrapping and bubbles that need drinking!)  So if someone could please explain where exactly 2014 disappeared to, that would be just great thank you!

But on with the show, and starting off with an orange boucle coat that I tried on today.   Dee-vine!  I’m now playing the waiting game (all of three hours so far) and wondering if I am strong enough to hold off purchasing until sale time.  (Unlikely I’d say)  This is a gorgeous coat; the fabric won’t irritate your skin; the colour is cheering and bright; and frankly it has my name written all over it!  So that’s Wish Number One!

Ramping up the cost now with my next wish.  I recently read an article by Sali Hughes who said that when buying gifts, she always buys the smallest item within her allotted budget.  Which kinda’ makes sense if you think about it, as these are generally luxury items that nobody buys for themselves.  So if your budget is in the realm of €120, then believe me when I say that these luxurious silk lined lambskin leather gloves would be the perfect treat for anyone in your life who has psoriasis. And better still, they've been specially treated with some sort of technology (blah, blah) which means you can use them on your smart phone ... and not a silly grey or white tip in sight!  Yes please!

And finally, this utterly gorgeous Marc Jacobs Electro Q Lil Ukita handbag.  YUM!  I have seen this in reality.  A friend purchased it recently and I have drooled. But hers is even more gorgeous as it is black with a grey handle and trim.  If it is a sin to covet a pal’s handbag, then believe me, I have sinned!  Oh dear Santa, puleeeeze ...

I’ll be back at the weekend with a quick video post.  But from the Wednesday Wish, that’s it folks for this year!  Hoping all your wishes come true this Christmas x 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Faux Fur from Bonmarché

This season’s faux fur trend has taken the high street by storm and there seems to be an endless selection to choose from.  I wasn’t entirely sure as to whether I would invest – on the one hand there is the possibility that this is just a one-season wonder, but equally every coat looks so snuggly and comfy and is pretty much guaranteed to be psoriasis-friendly.  'Twas a dilemma, I tell you! 

Luckily, the nice people at BonmarchĂ© helped to make up my mind, by asking if I would like to review this black faux fur coat from David Emanuel.  (How many of you are old enough to remember him as the designer of ‘that’ wedding dress?  My teenage self would be utterly star struck as the thought of owning one of his designs).  But I digress.  The coat arrived and I decided to give it a whirl whilst spending the day on Dublin’s Grafton Street doing some last minute Christmas shopping.  This is a tricky one to dress for; freezing cold outside; overly heated shops; and skin that still needs lots of TLC.  Comfort has been the by-word of my life recently and last Saturday was no different.  So here I am (in dire need of a haircut as I’ve just noticed)

I paired it with my new outrageously comfortable & Other Stories shirt, black jeggings and my flat black boots (the love affair with these is now over my friends ... I've moved on to lusting after a pair of over-the-knee boots.  Fickle? Moi?)  Anyhow, this coat works for me!  It’s warm and snuggly and as the collar comes right up around my neck, there’s no need to faff around with a scarf.  And wow, it’s warm!  Which as the temperatures plummet, is essential. 

These photos show a very casual styling, but that night I wore it with heels, my faux leather jeans and a silk shirt.  It completely changed the look and I received lots of compliments which is always a bonus!  The good news is that this coat is currently on sale, and is also available in other colours.

And also in grey ...

There are also lots of other styles to choose from on the high street, so a quick perusal online came up with these.  One of the bloggers favourites at the moment and also ideal if you need a paler colour, is this Oversized Pocket Teddy Coat from Warehouse

And one couldn't do a faux fur blog post without a 'Bet Lynch' special … the Faux Fur Animal Print Coat from Topshop. 

So have you embraced the faux fur trend this season?  And if so, what did you buy?
See you on Wednesday.



Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wednesday Wish with a Christmas Twist

So many lovely things!  So hard to whittle down to a wish list!  But sticking with the idea of steal through to splurge, I think I’ve managed to find a few little gems this week. 

Starting with an item that, rather than putting on a wish list, I actually bought for myself last weekend (patience really, really not a virtue of mine!)  These Kerry Cuff wrist warmers from Avoca are just perfect if, like me, your hands are affected by psoriasis.  You can conceal your skin yet show off your manicure; you can still use your smart phone (vital!); and if it’s really cold, you can wear them over gloves.  Perfect!
a perfect gift for someone who has psoriasis on their hands

Continuing the theme of comfort from my last post, I just love the bright, vibrant, Christmassy colours of this silken cashmere throw.  For those days over the holidays when your plans involve little more than a tin of Quality Street and a movie marathon, what better than to snuggle up on the couch under this?
a lovely gift for someone with psoriasis as won't irritate skin

And then finally, for a touch of equestrian glamour (complete with suede elbow patches) this Paul Costelloe Living Studio Silvia jacket certainly delivers.  I’ll be honest … the price is somewhat galling for an item that can be bought in Dunnes Stores, but having seen it, there is no arguing with the quality.  One to earmark for the January sales!
good colour jacket for anyone with scalp psoriasis
Enjoy the rest of your week.