Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wednesday Wish

Due to the wonders of technology, I have pre-scheduled this post and all going well (touching wood and saying a quick prayer) I will be enjoying the sights of Chicago as you read this.  So I felt it was only fitting that in honour of my holiday I should choose something American to wish for this week. 

Good old Michael Kors!  Beloved by so many but also despised by quite a few!  As often as I read a glowing review, there will always be a sniping comment about vulgar bling.  Well hey!  I’m not averse to a little bling, so this week I’m wishing for a Sparkle Front Blouse.  I think we all have those occasions where a little dressing up is nice, but full on sequins would be a tad over the top.  Drinks with the gal pals; supper at a neighbour’s house; even Date Night with Himself.  This is where this top would be a great addition to any wardrobe.  It keeps the skin covered without sacrificing glamour.  The price might seem high, but I’m pretty sure you’d get your value per wear pretty quickly. It’s on the Wish List!
Ideal dressy top for someone with psoriasis

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday Wish

Every few weeks I receive emails from Harvey Nichols and in the subject line they announce ‘We’ve chosen this just for you’. To be honest, I’m never quite sure whether I should be flattered by this or whether it has a rather sinister ‘Big Brother’ ring to it.  And given that (sadly) my Harvey Nichols shopping is usually limited to some Space NK candles, I’m reckoning their ideas of what I might like are either based on this blog (highly unlikely) or random choice (most probably)

However, this week they got it right.  And I really don’t care if the fringe displeases you all.  Let’s face it … we are trying to distract the eye from flaking skin.  People!  Do not try to tell me that these boots don’t perfectly fulfil the brief.  They’re high, they’re sassy, they give tremendous foot coverage and by golly!  Wouldn’t they do the most fabulous job of distracting the eye??   Stetson and chaps, optional!

Perfect sandals for anyone who has psoriasis on feet

PS  I’m heading to Chicago in the morning for ten days, so apart from a Wednesday Wish next week, I will be taking a break from posting.  I will be back in two weeks with reports of my (here’s hoping) shopping successes.  Wish me luck!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Loving Esprit

It is utterly pathetic just how easily distracted I am.  What started as a wardrobe clear-out a few weeks ago resulted in a brand new obsession with a high street brand that I used to love, but somehow neglected to keep in touch with over the years.  Well no more!  Esprit, welcome back, it’s been way too long.

So the wardrobe clear-out resulted in me finding a pair of straight leg denims that I bought about four years ago.  They still fit (truly, truly a miracle in these days of not-exercising-due-to-psoriasis-covered- feet) and actually after years of nothing but skinnies, there was a certain delightful comfort in the airiness and roominess of a straight pair of jeans.  These were quickly diverted from the charity bag but then I got to thinking, ‘whatever happened to Esprit?’   Well clearly, what happened is that Esprit moved on … to even greater things, and frankly I’m all set to become best of friends again.  Take a little look with me and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I was going to save the best til last, but oh my God, I love this so much that I can’t wait to show you.  Ignoring the fact that I have a plethora of long cardigans in my wardrobe, I am longing to add this number to the pile.  Always so wonderfully useful, particularly in Autumn when a coat isn’t always needed, yet a blazer is not enough to ward off the chill.  This would work over jeans and boots, or thrown over a dress for work.  I love it.  I want it … despite it's longwinded name; the soft cardigan with an open work pattern

super autumn cover up for someone with psoriasis

Those who know me won’t be surprised by my next choice, the fine knit jumper in an oversized look. Perfect colour and in a fine knit that shouldn’t irritate the skin, I just love the laid back ease of this sweater.  Oh my word, you could even layer it under the long cardigan above, add a big multi-coloured scarf and just how cosy and happy would you be?

Ideal sweater for someone with psoriasis

The ever elusive white top that works with blazers, jackets or cardigans is also to be found here.  Not just in one shape, but in a variety.  Well, be still my beating heart!  Firstly the more formal look, which I think is perfect for the office, the wrap effect blouse  Also comes in a variety of colours.

great formal blouse that would conceal psoriasis

Even better however, is this flowing tunic blouse in crepe.  Such an easy style to wear; the addition of a slim belt would give a better shape to curvier figures, whilst the crepe fabric would never, ever crease.  Absolutely perfect if you spend a lot of time in the car, or tend to travel a lot with work.

Great fashion top for concealing psoriasis

I’ve been humming and hawing over the idea of a dress for some time now.  One that I could work into my everyday wardrobe.  One that would be as easy and as comfortable to wear as jeans, yet wouldn’t feel constricted or too formal.  Guys, I think I may have found it.  This washed shirt dress could well be the perfect everyday dress for all of us who have psoriasis and a very similar style also comes in denim for those of you who don't want to stray too far from your jeans.   Ignore the bare legs of the model (she’ll freeze in another month or so!) and imagine with black opaques and ankle boots.  I think it could work.  In fact, I may just have to go and try it out!

Just add opaques for the perfect dress for those with psoriasis

And finally … snort all you want … but that Girl Guide training was not wasted as I’m here to advise you to be prepared!  Yes, the shops may well be awash with puffa coats and jackets by the time we get to Halloween.  However, it is not the availability of puffa jackets that is the problem; it is the availability of puffa jackets in pale colours for those of us who need that ie, flaking scalps.  Well, look no more!  Here it is.  Stylish, warm, practical and in just the right shade, the Esprit sporty down coat.

Perfect winter coat for anyone with scalp psoriasis

So have I convinced you?  Will you be taking another look at this old favourite?  Honestly, I’m already planning on ways to justify that long cardigan and that dress (and it’s surprisingly easy to do)  Watch this space!



Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wednesday Wish

It all started a few months ago when I featured a white leather blazer on the Wednesday Wish and everyone thought I’d lost the plot entirely.  But the seed was planted!  Then just this week, I saw a black leather blazer featured on Kat’s blog and what had been a mild interest became a true obsession.   Gotta’ have one! 

The occasions for wearing a leather blazer are many and for those of us cursed with flaky skin, the great joy of leather is that flakes just slide 'n glide away.  Perfect!  And so my search begins.  If budget were not an option, this little baby, the Sting black leather jacket by Jil Sander, would be scooped up immediately.  Classic cut blazer style; what’s not to love?  I wish, I wish, I wish …
perfect black blazer for anyone with scalp psoriasis