Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wednesday Wish

One advantage of being small is that short skirts which may scream ‘mutton’ on others can actually look quite respectable, indeed stylish, on us.  There is no danger of hems skimming that fine line between decency and pornographic.  For those of us of a smaller height, mini-skirts are never really off the table as an option.

Now clearly, I haven’t lost the plot entirely.  I’m talking about a short skirt for winter.  I mean one that would involve the addition of heavy opaque tights with boots or shoots.  Complete preservation of modesty (and concealment of skin) at all times.   

I’m talking about this utterly divine Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie leather skirt.  What really won me over, are the pockets on both sides.  This takes this skirt out of the dressier realm and immediately I thought of just how gorgeous it would look if paired with a chunky knit and biker boots.  Or a denim shirt, opaques and Chelsea boots.  Or a white tux blazer, opaques and shoots.  The possibilities are endless.   
Ideal skirt if paired with opaques for someone with psoriasis

Friday, 26 September 2014

30% Off at Mango. On your marks, get set ... GO!

Ok, time for me to start shovelling cos I need to get myself out of that hole that I dug only a few weeks ago.  "No more Mango jackets", I cried.  "Oh no!  I’ve learnt my lesson.  I need to invest in a better quality blazer that will stand the test of time."  Pah!  We all know what they say about the path to Hell … and anyway, I can’t find a decent white blazer anywhere for love nor money.

And, and, and … there’s 30% off at Mango this weekend, using the code 5WEEKEND.  It would be rude not to! 

Here’s what I’m thinking … Trim Crepe Blazer, €44.99


Or should I go for this instead?  The crepe jacket didn’t survive the dry cleaning process too well last time, so maybe a cotton option is better.  And this Padded Shoulder Jacket €59.99, can go into the machine!  Which means even more savings on dry cleaning bills.  Which almost makes this jacket free, if you think about it!


There is so much to choose from in Mango right now, especially if, like me,  you’re trying to conceal psoriasis.  How gorgeous is this LBD?  Thanks to the white pattern, it will beautifully conceal any possible flaking.  €44.99 before discount, the belt printed dress  Just add opaques and shoe boots.


A belted coat with a shawl effect collar is very much on trend right now, and you wouldn’t go far wrong with this wool blend coat for €119.99.  All prices quoted are before the 30% discount.  (Because nobody wants to rely on my mathematical prowess, trust me!)


Last year’s craze of sweatshirts shows no sign of abating – even better when emblazoned with some random words.  (In this case, just add the matching wellies! Oh, I do make myself laugh)  The message sweatshirt for just €24.99


The range of tops and blouses is almost overwhelming, but this is a pretty option that would work for the office, or indeed could be dressed up for a night out.  Contrast Trim Blouse €34.99


So, have I persuaded you?  What are you waiting for?  Happy shopping and have a good weekend.



Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bargains Galore ...

It has become my new favourite place to shop … TK Maxx!  And right now, they’re on a roll.   For years I would go in, wander around, and apart from the occasional piece of Le Creuset, I rarely found anything of value.  The clothes section was just daunting – a mish- mash of wrinkled looking tops that honestly, I just didn’t have the energy to root through.

But recently there seems to have been a change.  Now whether it’s that I have become more tolerant (now there’s a laugh!) or TK Maxx have become more organised … either way it has resulted in a much happier relationship.  It started with the purchase of my utterly divine Michael Kors leopard print courts at the start of the summer, and since then, the love affair has flourished.

So the main reason I’m writing about them today (and no, I have not been paid or sponsored in any way to do so) is that I have found two tops that tick every single box when it comes to stylish clothing that covers psoriasis.  All hail the Cynthia Rowley silk top … in not just one, but two different colour ways and both equally suitable for concealing scalp psoriasis.  Well!  Be still my beating heart and yes!  I’ve bought them both.  100% silk, machine washable, glides over your skin, bracelet length sleeves, light enough for summer, ideal under a blazer and just €39.99 – what more could you possibly ask for.  And here they are – both the website pics and me looking rather gormless in a dressing room pic

Tuck in ... or not tuck in?  That is the question ...

These are still in TK Maxx – those of you who live in the UK can buy online; those of us in Ireland have to be content with in-store shopping for now (come on TK Maxx – when will you extend your online shopping to Ireland?) and as of this morning, I can vouch for the fact that they are still in-store in the Carrickmines, Dublin branch.

Whilst there I took the opportunity to pap a few other bargains that may be of interest.  You know how much I love cashmere and this Clements Ribeiro 100% cashmere sweater is a steal at just €39.99.   However, (there’s always a ‘but’ with these things isn’t there?) I’m not entirely sure what planet Clements Ribeiro lives on, but his sweaters are very definitely on the petite size, so size up one, if not two sizes with these.   

I was almost tempted to try these on, but the thought of struggling in and out of jeans and boots proved too much (I know, #firstworldproblems).  However, just letting you know that Acne straight legged jeans in a range of sizes are available for €54.99.  Can't see them online at the moment.

As always, a quick peek at the shoe section didn’t disappoint.  These black leather All Saints boots are €79.99

Whilst this season’s favourite Chelsea Boot from Dune was €69.99.  Tempting … I managed to walk away!  These look strangely orange in this picture.  Please trust that the colour is more tan and less 'bleugh' in reality!

I may have also found a Hobbs blazer in the new Dundrum branch also … but that’s for another day!  So are you a TK Maxx fan or do you find it too much work?  Or are you like Natalie from Glam Rosie who never fails to find a bargain?  I’d love to know.




Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday Wish

I have well and truly thrown caution to the wind for this week’s Wednesday Wish.  Leopard print seemed to feature on a lot of blogs this week and as this is one pattern I can never resist, I thought I’d have a little look at the higher end of the market and see what is available.

Would you be brave enough to wear this leopard print faux fur coat from Armani Jeans?  Combining this season’s fur trend with every fashionistas favourite print, I think it’s safe to say that you’d turn heads in this.  Would I wear it?  Actually, I probably would.  It would be warm, cosy and stylish and I’d get a real kick from the varying reactions – which no doubt would range from horror to delight.  And let's face it, it would be difficult to find a better distraction from your psoriasis.  Love or loathe?  I love! 

PS:  I will be hosting a Twitter Q&A session for Exorex at lunchtime this Friday (19th Sep) answering all your questions on psoriasis related fashion dilemmas.  If you have a question you’d like answered, please send your query to @DailyPsoriasis    Or just come along and join in the fun!