Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday Wish

I need a black handbag.  Properly need one.  And although I bought a Calvin Klein one during the summer, it was a mistake!  I just never warmed to it; so it will be going the way of eBay and I have resumed my search.  (In the interim I have been reduced to carrying a bag from Parfois – not a brand that belongs on the Wednesday Wish!  Ye Gods, this post is begining to scream #firstworldproblems)

Some time ago, I spotted this little Furla number in the airport Duty Free.  Of course I didn’t buy it at the time (will I ever learn?), but since then it has hovered at the back of my mind.  I think this could be the one!  I love the slouchy hobo shape and I can vouch for the fact that the leather is gorgeous.  Black bags are tricky!  They can so often look dull and boring.  But this?  Well, this ticks all the boxes for me.  Roll on Christmas sales J

Furla Montmartre Hobo


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Psoriasis ... & Other Stories

You know how people say that pets often take on the looks of their owners?  Or is it vice versa?  I sometimes wonder if psoriasis can take on the traits of the person it has afflicted.  I am stubborn; not known to yield easily once I’ve taken a notion; and it looks like my psoriasis shares that trait.  Because sadly, I have once again hit a wall on the road to clear skin.  The second systemic medication has failed and now I’m hoping that the third really is a charm.

At this stage I think I’ve tried almost every type of treatment available for psoriasis.  From topical creams through to biologics, I’ve ‘been there, bought the tee-shirt’ (but the long-sleeved version obviously <winks>).  For my next foray into the unpredictable world of systemic treatments, I decided to throw caution to the wind and signed up for a drug trial.  OK, that sounds way more dramatic than the reality.  The drug in question is being licenced in January and will be on the market next year.   I’m not really being that much of a courageous pioneer!

In preparation for this trial, there were a hundred and one different tests and screenings to be done, but more difficult is the fact that for four weeks, all traces of previous treatments, including steroid creams, had to leave my system.  So, for the past  four weeks the only ‘treatments’ at my disposal have been non-medicated moisturisers and the old faithful staples of Silcocks Base and Emulsifying Ointment.  It has Not Been Fun.  Roll on next week, when I finally get to start.

But hell!  There is no greater truth than ‘When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’!   I was in London last week for some meetings and truly greater love hath no blogger for her readers, than she go to & Other Stories in the name of blogging research!  I have to concede that by the time I got to Regent St, I was somewhat cranky, sore and tired, so it was a pretty quick scout around the store.  I did however get to try on a few pieces. 

First up was the texture knit sweater that I mentioned last week.  Sweet Divine Mother of God.  I actually snorted with laughter.  Have you ever in your life seen anything so absolutely vile?  Feel free to snigger to your heart’s content!
The model ...

Me ...

Then I tried on this metallic merino wool sweater, seduced as ever by the hint of sparkle.  I managed to keep it on long enough to take a picture, but trust me, if you have psoriasis, this isn’t the sweater for you.  Itch Central.

This rib knit cardigan caught my eye because coatigans seem to be all the rage this season.  And I do like a nice coatigan.  But it was a bit ‘meh’.  Actually, I think it was the lack of pockets that turned me off.  I kept shoving my hands into the seams where pockets should be and I know that this would have driven me demented eventually.  Texture-wise however, it was fine and didn’t irritate my skin at all. 

But then!  Then I put on this psychedelic print blouse and I’m not lying when I say I actually sighed with happiness.  Because the fabric was so light and because it glided so easily over my torso.  Nothing digging in.  Nothing to irritate.  Just gentle material floating around skin that is dry and sore and inflamed.  This, my friends is without doubt, the most perfect shirt I have ever, ever tried on in all my sixteen years with psoriasis. 


Obviously I bought it!  And the great hope is that when the skin clears (because it will, I’m still sure of it!), my feet will be cured, I will join a gym, become trim and svelte (God, sometimes I really make myself laugh!) and then I will also be able to wear it like this ...

So fellow Flakies ... trust me with this one.  If you're suffering from a flare up (and so many seem to be right now) you deserve a treat like this.  And at less than £40, it won't break the bank.  And no!  I'm not being paid by & Other Stories to rave about this shirt.
I’ll be back on Wednesday with the usual Wish, but then next weekend I will be back in London again.  I’m really excited as this is the trip where I get to go shopping with the prizewinner of the Exorex #DressToImpress competition.  Needless to say, there will be a full report.   In the meantime, have a good week.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday Wish

This is so far away from the reality of my life, that it simply had to be included on the Wednesday Wish.  Because let’s face it, if the Wednesday Wish was to be my reality, such trifling concerns as ‘dry clean only’ or ‘I might spill something on it’ or ‘the steroid creams might stain it’ or ‘hooooowwwww much?’ would quite simply cease to exist.

So come with me to that fantasy world where a full length white silk robe is a perfectly reasonable choice of loungewear.  Just imagine wearing this on Christmas morning, glass of Bollinger in your perfectly manicured hand.  Although … if this is what you will be wearing on Christmas morning, just imagine what might be under the tree!  Mind Boggles!


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


 I’m cheating today with a very lazy post as I have been struck down by the dreaded lurgy!  OK, so the reality is that I’ve been laid low with a rotten throat infection, but lurgy sounds so much more dramatic, don’t you think?

So, in lieu of my normal ramblings, today I am sharing two short videos from Marks & Spencer – one on how to rock the winter boot (I cannot tell you just how much I want, nay NEED, the sequin jacket in this video) and the other on three ways to wear a chunky knit. 

I’m off to London tomorrow for a couple of days and am hoping to squeeze in a few hours on Regent Street, so all going well, I will be back with news of what’s happening in & Other Stories.  I have to admit I’ve been dying to go there since I spied this knit.  Very reminiscent of the Irish knitwear genius, Lainey Keogh back in the 1980/90s.  Yes, ‘tis another want/need on my wish list


So until the weekend, enjoy!
Three Ways to Wear the Chunky Knit

Boots SOS